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Chilly —  May 27, 2012 — 3 Comments

 It seems that often, far too often, we “Christians” find ourselves over-our-heads in pity, condemnation, discouragement or doubt because of this little thing called: “feelings.” We don’t feel like reading our Bibles, sharing our faith, going to church, etc.  – we long for those times when we felt God in such a real way we thought we were going to explode!!

Feelings by their very nature are misleading. Surely you’ve felt something one day, only to feel nearly the opposite the next. I believe feelings and emotions are part of being a Christian and in being human in general, but God calls us to much more than that. God calls us to work. We certainly aren’t saved by works – as Ephesians 2:8 tells us – but we sure aren’t saved by feelings, either. We’re saved by God, and therefore should take Him seriously when he says, “faith without works is dead” (James 2:17). That means it’s possible for us to feel as though we have faith to move mountains, yet in reality it could be that we have the dead faith spoken of in James 2:17. God calls us to be and do rather than to simply feel. He calls us to have real faith instead of only emotional highs.

Real faith is something others can see. That’s why James says in verse 18, “Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do.”  You see, faith can’t simply sit on it’s butt, or spend all it’s time in worship services or Christian events – no way!  People are lost and need a Savior & Lord – you have the opportunity to do something! Faith can’t help but demonstrate itself, and that in turn is what helps us know it is real. What shows we have real faith is when that faith compels us to help the poor and to turn away from temptation. Real faith is when we stand for God in a society that runs the other way. Real faith causes us to occasionally leave the pampering pew to study the Bible with someone who can’t read.

And interestingly enough, that kind of faith is certainly something to feel good about.

Living beyond the feel, Chilly

Q: What is your faith requiring you to do today & this week?
Q: How do you feel about that??


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3 responses to Beyond the Feel

  1. Robert Liddell May 27, 2012 at 10:36 pm

    Pastor, Sometimes God will send me things that are so frustratingly obvious that I’ll almost cry at how dumb I feel for acting the way I had. Today I was a little (or internally a lot) over-come with emotions and feelings as for the first time I had no choice but to aknowledge these student protests here in Quebec that are not in tune with my personal views. And when I say I had to aknowledge them, I mean they held a massive march directly outside my window. And people have been going up and down the street clangling pots and pans during the night. (I’m not so sure what political motive that accomplishes but it does keep me from sleeping.) And I was so frusterated by all of this that I started having these angry thoughts and even started writing them down. I thought in the back of my mind. You went to Church this morning, Do you remember what the sermon was about? Well maybe I should read the Bible. And then I hear this super childish, “I don’t wanna.” Coming from the back of my head. I think when I’m frustrated and angry I can’t help but feel all self righteous and somehow better than these protestors who in hind sight don’t even know who I am, where I live, or have any direct intention of keeping me awake. So I just want to stay frusterated. But its difficult to make myself sort of admit that I’m wrong, and try to better understand not only the situation, but my place in the situation. And then I click on your facebook link and read, “We don’t feel like reading our bibles, sharing our faith, going to church, etc.” And I just sort of hang my head at my own arrogance and say, “Lord, I know better.” And so for question 1: My faith is requiring me to develop perspective and rather than sit in my apartment trapped by the mob, maybe I can look at this all in some new light. What does God think about it all? I’m not sure why God would spend any time considering people’s political views, but I do know that he wants for us to get along and make the attempts to comprehend one another rather than just letting our feeling turn into this anger towards eachother that seems really easy to make, but super difficult to calm down. After sitting down and really thinking for a moment, I’m understanding that this doesn’t involve me at all. I’m not a citizen of this country, I’m not being educated here and I never was. So for me to hold any sort of opinion against people, especially in a situation where it really doesn’t concern me. Is just me involving myself in things which I have no business being involved in. It’s helped me to refocus on the reason why I’m here in Canada in the first place. To design really really cool stuff. Now I know that God doesn’t mean I shouldn’t attempt to understand the people or culture of the place I live, but your article has helped me reorganize how I should react to the inevitable people at work and church saying, “as an american what do you think about it?” Thank you Chilly for this. You really helped me, sorry the response was a bit long. 🙂 God bless you.

    • Robert, I absolutely LOVED your response! Thank you for being so honest and transparent. You’re facing difficult challenges but I’m confident that you will ‘shine in the darkness’! I encourage you to listen to the podcast today, I think my message on wisdom will be really helpful to you.

      Hearing from you today is a blessing to me and brought a smile to my face. I’m praying for you tonight.

      Your friend,

  2. God is asking me to be faithful. Doing the little things. Do the prep work to recieve the harvest. Be obedient to Him.

    “be faithful Margie”

    preparing my heart – Prayer and time with Him
    preparing my body – eating the right things, exercise – even with a sore foot
    preparing my home – keeping it clean, working in the garden – getting up early to water – tonight pulling the last of the spring weeds – in preparation of the summer ones 🙂

    How do I feel about it? Well, all of those things are things I enjoy – yes, I even like pulling weeds. They all take discipline and sometimes I might want to just skip one or all of them to do something fun, but there is nothing like the joy that comes from the harvest. And the harvest may be something as small as seeing a miracle – even a little one, but without a prepared heart… I don’t always see them. Or soon, I will be collecting TONS of produce for my own home and sharing!

    I feel like He loves me, that’s why He requires me to be obedient. But more importantly… I KNOW He loves me!

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