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Chilly —  May 2, 2016 — 2 Comments

reck·on·ing   [rek–uh-ning]

the avenging of past mistakes or misdeeds.

reckoningDo you ever wonder what we’re really doing or at least supposed to be doing? Why are our methods, passion, and approach all greeted with such resistance, fear or doubt? Why are people in the community more intrigued by and engaged in transformation than people in the church? Why no one seems to be able to find the correct phrase or word to describe us? Are we nameless?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this…

What makes us any different from previous pioneers, revolutionaries or trailblazers of the faith?  Are our ideas so unique? Are sermons more inspiring? …hardly. Is it our tech toys, websites, blog pages, crazy videos, or loud music? … no, I don’t think so. Maybe it’s our jeans & t-shirt Sunday attire.  Ha, that’s not it either – but it’s definitely a perk! 

So, what makes us different? Why all the books, conferences, articles with words like: engaging, convergent, relevant, next generation, influential, mosaic, story-telling, etc.? You know what, I don’t know either…

Maybe the labels and titles came from the rigid, controlling, established, religious, on-their-way-out, leadership of organized churches & denominations. We tend to fear what we don’t understand, and a label always helps us sum up something we don’t really get… was that offensive – I’m sorry – that’s not my intention. Honest. I’m not picking a fight.

You see, I don’t think we’re really that unique. From the first century church to where we are today, there has been a need for individuals or groups of believers that stand up and bring radical correction to the waywardness or blandness of the church Jesus planted. Throughout history there has been a need to get back to the main thing:  Salvation, discipleship, and community.

When we stray from the foundation, we tend to take ourselves too seriously and the results are tragic: religion replaces relationship, selfishness replaces simplicity, lust for power replaces love for people, control replaces compassion, greed replaces grace, jealousy replaces joyfulness, conflict replaces courage, and frustration replaces freedom. Has this happened in your church (or mine)? Oh man, just the thought of this makes my heart hurts…

It’s easy to fall into this and hard to climb out – but, we must!  [Warning: Rant in 3, 2, 1 …] And, I don’t think the answer is to abandon ship – kick dirt on your church, or walk away because ‘they’ won’t change and only YOU know what authentic Christianity is – and, then use social media and toxic small groups to validate your righteousness & meekness (receiving applauds & pity from every ‘hurt’ leader) – grow up, shut up & move on – gracefully. [end of Rant]

For the rest of us, still in it to win it, let’s begin our adventure back to truth & life TODAY! It’s time for a holy reckoning to happen in and through you. I want a better church for my kids and the generations to follow – better doesn’t mean “new” – actually it’s just getting back to the book of Acts and living it in the 21st century. It may be simplifying: Love God, Love Others & Love Life.

Yeah, labels will come… judgments will be made… shunning could happen. Embrace it. And do what you’re made to do – be who HE made you to be. The message IS sacred, the method is not... keep that straight and LISTEN, LEARN, LIVE, and LOVE!  The lost are all around us – they’re looking for something genuine & trustworthy — someone to help them find the truth. Making disciples is still the Great CommissionYOU ARE NEEDED.  It’s time.

                                one to be reckoned with,

Q: What needs a day of ‘reckoning‘ in your life or leadership today?

ThrowDown Thursday!

Chilly —  January 28, 2016 — 12 Comments

6a00d8341c652b53ef01910481ee2a970c-800wiOk, so I’m really trying to make my blog fun, creative and relevant to you (my friends & readers).  So, I’m going to attempt to make my Thursdays super interactive.  We all need places where we can rant or be totally random!  I’ll host and entertain the chaos each Thursday! Fun, right?!

For “ThrowDown Thursdays” I want to make it wide open to your questions, topics or ideas and then I’ll do my best to respond! This means I need YOUR help!

So, in the comments, ask a question, request a topic or  post something else totally random.

I’ll be checking the comments throughout the day and respond as quickly as possible! Cool??

Ok, now it’s your turn:

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My Take on Ferguson

Chilly —  August 21, 2014 — 2 Comments

A:  I’m praying for peace. 

– I’m not the judge, jury, victim, police or mob. I don’t know all the facts. I DO know…

– I’m praying for the Brown family & friends.

– I’m praying for the Wilson family & friends.

– I’m praying for law enforcement, investigators, community leaders, pastors and Christians in Ferguson.

– I’m praying for justice.

– I hate racism.

– I hate violence. 

– I hate HATE.

– God LOVES ALL people and this is my heart as well.

– God’s LOVE reconciles, forgives, heals and restores. 

– Praying is far more useful than posting opinions & judgements. 

– I’m doing all I can in Detroit to reach people with Christ’s love BEFORE tragedy happens … AND after tragedy happens.

– Wherever you are, MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Love others TODAY.

Praying, Serving and Loving,

My Take on Haters

Chilly —  August 18, 2014 — Leave a comment


A:  I love them. 

– I’m sorry that they are unhappy. 

– I wish they didn’t choose to gossip, blame or remain hurt.

– I’ve probably done lots of things that, to a carnal heart, deserve hate.

Sigh… please forgive me… again.

– Forgiveness really does work.

– Giving the benefit of the doubt may seem naive but it works too.

– Unconditional love works even better. 

– Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move on … just do it right (and quietly).

– Grace.

– Someone else has it FAR worse than you. Be thankful. Love others.

“No mature Christian who is seasoned in the Word has
any right to live offended.”
Pastor Brian Houston, Hillsong

One last thing:
(in case you missed it)



Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful
or proud 
or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable,
and it keeps no record of being wronged.”
1 Corinthians 13:4-5

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