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 Jesus’ final commandment was simple and clear: “So GO and make followers of all people in the world… Teach them to obey everything that I have taught you, and I will be with you always, even until the end of this age.”

This commission wasn’t meant for AFTER you get a degree, spouse, career, or calling. It was meant for you and it was meant for NOW… and the next day, and the next day, etc.

Courage Church in Detroit, Michigan offers you the opportunity to pursue your life goals (mentioned above) all the while actively fulfilling HIS purpose for ALL of us.  We minister is three key areas of Detroit:

1] Hamtown is a unique city:  over 40% born outside USA, nearly 30 languages spoken, islamic call to prayer broadcast publicly 5 times each day, and over 25,000 people living in a 2 mile radius. In the heart of Hamtramck is Courage Coffee. It’s the newest and coolest cafe in the D! And, it’s here where Courage Church meets several times each week.

2] Midtown is a booming area of Detroit. Considered the cultural center of the city, it’s filled with University students, young professionals and artists. Hipsters love midtown and urban farms, green living, small business and eclectic music are themes of this part of Detroit. Courage meets right in one of the area’s most well known nightclubs: The Majestic (also Magic Stick & Garden Bowl).

3] Mexicantown is another incredibly unique area of the city. It’s located in SW Detroit and is largely populated by Hispanic people. Filled with families, amazing restaurants, music and life; this part of Detroit is on the brink or breakthrough. And Courage opens the doors to our newest campus in old traditional looking church right at the crossroads of activity in this community!

We offer ministry, discipleship, internship and training to those in all levels of education & life. We will custom-fit our programs around you – as you allow God to custom fit his calling in you. Go to college in one of the 30 area schools or take college courses with us (through Xmin Academy). And you can do it debt free!

Yeah, come & make your Major: Jesus and your Minor: Servanthood.

Out of school? Come & live in our city. Jobs abound around us and you can be an active part of an ongoing ministry from the ground up!

 God’s gifted YOU with unique skills and gifts — use them! Don’t just give what you have left after you find a job… find a church/ministry FIRST, then He’ll bring you to the right job!  It’s Biblical… it’s exhilarating… IT’S COURAGEOUS!

Interested? Are you having a conversation inside your head – one says GO & the other says weigh out your options… listen to the one saying GO!  Your time is NOW.  

I commit to spend my life being an encouragement, discipler, mentor, pastor, captain, coach, friend and example.  This IS the adventure you’ve been praying about!

*Disclaimer: are you already engulfed in ministry where you are? By all means, STAY THERE! But, feel free to consider helping us out with one of our upcoming projects << click it!  We need STRONG church and individuals as allies!

See you SOON, Chilly


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  1. I really like this- great descriptions and defines the ministry perspective – If I could I would be there.

  2. When I was reading through the descriptions of the different parts of the D, I got so excited! I just love this city and all of the people in it! There is no place like it!

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