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Chilly —  July 23, 2012 — 21 Comments

Sunday was an EPIC day for my life,
my family, my church & my community!

Besides combining our campuses together to worship, baptize and share a meal – which in and of itself was SO fun and amazing – we also shared TWO big changes that brought everyone to their feet!

1]  We now have a 3rd Campus!!

That’s right, we have a big, old, beautiful church building right in the heart of SW Detroit (better known as ‘Mexicantown’)! This facility will enable us to make a HUGE impact in another very needy area in Detroit’s inner city! We plan to open it’s doors on October 7th, 2012 (our church’s 8 year anniversary). But, before that can happen, we need lots of miracles & help from others (YOU)! We need workers, resources and ministry teams to come help us!

Here’s a list of things that we need:  Mexicantown Campus Support

2]  We now have a NEW Name!!

We have changed our church name from Real Church to Courage Church! This change was bitter sweet… Real Church has a good name in our community and is all we’ve ever known since we opened.

Real Church was the beginning of a dream, Courage Church is the pursuit of a destiny.

I’ve been asked by several people about this decision, here is what I’ve shared: there are many factors that went into the name change — sensing that it was God’s leading is, obviously, the only factor that really matters.

Many people were confused w/ Real Church (like we were saying ‘we were THE only real church!’) plus we never had social media continuity. With Courage Church – we have a name that defines us at the next level, and brand consistency:

Website: CourageChurch
Twitter: @CourageChurch
Instagram: @CourageChurch
Facebook: CourageChurch

So, thank you to EVERYONE who cheered & dreamed with us today! There’s lots of work ahead, but it’s good work! I would welcome the support and help from ALL of you who follow me here on iChilly! Invest in us, tell your friends & church about our mission, or even move here and join us on the front lines in the most dangerous city in America! Detroit is changing, God is moving and we are ready to serve Him at any cost!

… oh, and by the way, we’re still REAL! 😉


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21 responses to Courage Church

  1. Pastor Daniel Strength July 23, 2012 at 11:58 am

    Congratulations! I thought I recognized the church. I am from Detroit.
    I was pastor of East Side Assembly of God for 25 years (1,000 member church). I Have dreamed of coming back to my city many times. Blessings on You. Dan

  2. excited for so many reasons! a fresh start, and expanded footprint, and an opportunity to reach new people!

  3. Soooo excited!! How awesome we can expand even more into the city, and what a huge blessing to have this building knowing its been on your heart and the search has been ongoing. But God answers! It’s beautiful!! Now the work begins!! Love it

  4. I have no other talent but cooking and sweeping… So I’ll show up to feed the troops and clean up after them.

  5. Excited for the Courage Community, and all that the Lord is doing in The D! We are looking forward to hearing more testimonies of the faithfulness and miracles of God; and also partnering with the work you are doing!

  6. Congrats Pastor Chilly and Courage Church! We will continue praying for you guys from here in Tennessee. Thanks for continuing to be a source of inspiration, challenge, and impact in our lives! We love you!

  7. Congrats!!! Bishop Chilton has a nice ring to it! All jokes aside, that’s amazing news! I will say, one thing that impresses me is your attention to detail on the brand consistency! I think that plays a MAJOR role in “saturating the airwaves”. You guys already do such a great job of communicating your events and services…. I can only see it getting better!

    I’d love to see the new place! That’s where my wife grew up until we were married… our old dating stomping grounds.

    • Bishop?! Right!! 😉
      I appreciate your affirmation and insight regarding social media continuity and branding. Look forward to showing you around the place!

  8. Wow that’s crazy cool. Can’t wait to see what God has in store. That building is wicked cool!

    • Thanks Mikey! Our kids department could use some ‘help’ — let us know IF you have any puppets, props, projectors, etc! Love you lots!

  9. Austen Rigelman July 23, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    Congratulations on the new building!!! It is amazing to see what your church is doing in the city of Detroit. It is amazing to see how many lives you are changing by bringing the word of God to them. You are a true inspiration to everybody. You are a mentor, role model, and friend to thousands. Keep serving and keep bringing the word of God. I will help you any way I can. I have accepted an assistant principal job here at South Side. I will be sending a donation for sure, and will be willing to try to help you start a tutoring program for all your youth that need extra academic help. Austen

  10. AH I am so excited!!! The fact that MORE people will be reached because of this huge and beautiful blessing that has been given to you is incredible. There is no other city I would rather be working in and fighting for! YAY!!

  11. Congrats!! How exciting– so so Happy for you guys! much love, Erika

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