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I am incredibly humbled to have such amazing friends in my life. Their impact in my life gives me strength and keeps me sharp – as the Word of God says, “Iron sharpens iron!” ~ Chilly

Reggie Dabbs

Youth Evangelist & Motivational Speaker
First Assembly, Fort Myers, Florida

When people say to me the name “Chilly Chilton,” I immediately think of the phrase “Carpe Diem” ~ seize the day. Definitely touched by God, definitely a man of God. If your young person can hang around him for one day, they will be effective for the rest of their life. In Matthew 22:14 it says, “Many are called, few are chosen;” Chilly would definitely fit in the chosen category. If you have a chance to rub shoulders with him and chose not to, that could be a big mistake, because he has affected my life in a way I could never explain. So, if you want to be a hero in heaven, a servant on earth, a warrior for God, or a wanted man in hell – you need to hang with Chilly.

 Winkie Pratney

Evangelist & Author
New Zealand

Chilly Chilton is a pastor with a great heart for the city, a man with a mission and a message honed out from many years of ministry to both the young and the young at heart. He is a man of great integrity, creativity and ability, gifted of God in the practics and pastoral care of seeing transformation take place in individuals and cities. I have watched his life over the years ever-growing in grace and in the commitment and courage of his convictions and character. I have enjoyed and appreciated his friendship and can wholly recommend to you his work and calling.

Aaron Hall

Former Appalachian District Director
Youth – Christian Education – Chi Alpha 

Chilly is the real deal!  He has a passionate heart for God, that comes forth in a challenging and inspiring way. His messages will make you think hard while it stirs your heart to action. Behind the scenes you see an authentic, humble and true man of God that loves Jesus wholeheartedly! He is one of the most pleasant guys you will ever work with. I highly recommend him as a speaker and motivator on any platform.

Josh Wellborn

Student Ministries Director
Michigan – Assemblies of God

For the past decade I have known and admired Chilly Chilton as an evangelist, disciple maker, gifted communicator, and godly father to his 5 children. His life is a model of obedience to Father God, rejection of popular opinion, and reproducing in young people a passion for sharing the gospel.

I have seen the students in my youth ministries be challenged and grow because of Pastor Chilly’s message. Now, I am seeing my own son embrace a love for the lost and a vision for evangelism in his public school under Pastor Chilly’s leadership.

Jeff Hillier

Former District Youth Director
Eastern Ontario District, Canada – PAOC

Chilly is one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met. But what makes him different from others is not his passion – it’s that his passion is lived out in radical ways. His message is synonymous with his life. His ability to communicate each authentic, passionate, and relevant message is what causes so many to shift from being mere hearers of a message, to radical doers. He is also a brilliant student of culture, which connect an eternal message with a rapidly shifting society. I highly recommend Chilly as a speaker and would encourage leaders who would have him in to spend time with him on a personal level. He truly is an iron that sharpens!

Andy Rushworth

Founder & Director of Nail the Truth Ministries
Sheffield, England

In a world that loves to make men and women famous, there is a man whose passion it is to make God Famous! Pastor Chilly has a unique way of communicating the truth of God’s word and inspiring his listeners to live out God’s plans for their lives. If you need to hear a message that is clear, passionate and anointed then Pastor Chilly Chilton is the man with such a message.

Brad Leach

Church Planter / Pioneer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Chillin’ with Chilly is one of my favorite things to do! I’ve never spent an hour with him without being better for it. His energy for life catches, his creativity in ministry stretches, and his ambition to win souls challenges. That’s why I have often sent our ministry teams and interns to sit with him and his team. My advice to you would be to do the same. If you have opportunity to partner with Chilly in ministry, or expose him to those you lead, seize it!

Jaroy Carpenter

Youth Evangelist & Motivational Speaker
Solid Rock Resources, Dallas, Texas

Chilly is a man who knows how to connect with people. For many years I have heard of the highly effective ministry of Chilly Chilton. I recently had the great opportunity of experiencing his ministry as he communicated the word of God that captivated every student in the camp. He has a love and passion to reach all people with the gospel and challenge them to reach their world. His personal approaches both one on one and to the crowd communicates his desire to reach this generation with the love of Christ. Chilly is the choice to make a lasting impact to those who hear his message.

Ed Shearer

District Secretary and Treasurer
Northern New England District, A/G

Chilly’s ministry at our recent youth convention impacted the lives of the students here in Northern New England with practical, applicable, “take it home and live it” truth. Chilly didn’t beat around the bush, or beat students over the head, but in a straight forward way expressed God’s truth and plan for this generation. Students and leaders alike are clamoring to have him return.

Tony Cruz

Youth Evangelist / Church Planter
Consuming Fire Ministries

Chilly Chilton is a man who has his hand on the pulse of God. His dynamic insight and desire to know God is contagious. He has spent time with God and it is shown when he speaks because passion, conviction and dedication flow from his life and ministry. Whether in a public setting or a church pew, you can know for sure that nothing but the truth and anointing will flow when you hear Chilly speak. This man goes to War for God!

Steve Bradshaw

Former Director of Michigan Missions and Church Planting
Assemblies of God-Michigan District

Chilly Chilton is a man of action. His preaching brings action. His leadership brings action. His friendship brings action. He is an inspirational communicator, church planter, and is reaching a lost generation to Christ. I believe in Chilly. He will elevate your people to the next level.

Matt Anderson

Former District Youth Director
Ohio – Assemblies of God

For almost 20 years, I have had the privilege of witnessing Chilly Chilton’s ministry. He is a masterful motivator and constant student of God’s Word. He has a remarkable way of bringing out the best in everyone to whom he ministers, whether it be a camp, convention, conference, or congregation. He refuses to live the average Christian existence, but challenges himself and others to live at a higher level. He has a heart that follows hard after God. His spiritual passion is contagious, and he brings an incredible anointing to everything he does. He lives what he speaks and will inspire you to join him in the thrill of Christ’s divine companionship.

Dick Gruber

Children’s Evangelist & Ministry Specialist
Valley Forge Christian College
Phoenixville Pennsylvania

Chilly Chilton is a dynamic power-filled preacher that will bless your socks off. His message is relevant to today’s culture and will impact both the unchurched and old timers equally. I can recommend without hesitation the ministry of Chilly Chilton to any congregation, young or old, that is not afraid of being challenged by the Word of God from a preacher that pulls no punches.

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