Head Scratching

Chilly —  May 19, 2012 — 6 Comments

Clarification: this post is NOT about dandruff or lice. So, please read on…

In 10 days, we will hit the eight year mark for living in Detroit. And, I’m sure in the next week, or so, I’ll write more about the lessons learned, victories won and challenges remaining… but, today, I’m simply scratching my head. I’ve been asking myself a lot of tough questions (I suppose this is called soul-searching). Maybe there aren’t answers for everything I’m pondering but I’ll list a few thoughts that have been keeping me awake recently.

  • When leading an ALL volunteer staff, how much should you expect or require? What’s the best way to show my appreciation and/or support? How do you keep them motivated & healthy?
  • Despite growing to 2 campuses and adding more mature individuals & couples, why do we still barely pay all of the bills as a church each month?
  • My roles are currently: Husband, Father, Pastor (2 campuses), Mentor/Coach, Youth Pastor, Manager of coffee house, Director of Xmin (discipleship), President of Hope Works, Inc, Presbyter of Detroit Metro AG (26 churches), Speaker for camps/conferences and I was asked today by Chief of Police to be Chaplain. After listing all of these important roles, I’m not sure what the best question is because I still feel like I’m not doing enough.
  • What’s the deal with our Detroit Tigers? With our line-up and pitchers (not to mention payroll) we should be destroying the AL Central! What’s with the parody?
  • Occasionally, when someone moves on from ministry with us, they become all jaded… why all the hating? If it was bad, you’re free! Be happy! And, now that you’re free, why aren’t you doing even more for Christ?
  • Why were we (or at least us with ‘lighter skin’) made with skin that gets sunburned? I love sunny days but HATE sunscreen!  
  • IF words became endangered or extinct in our churches today, which would we be fighting to save?? Unselfishness? Loyalty? Humility? Thankfulness? Commitment? Etc… How can we protect them before they’re gone?
  • How can I be a greater encouragement to those who are in ministry (full time or volunteer) all around the world – especially those who once served and/or trained with me (former youth ministries, discipleship programs, churches, college, etc)? I’m so proud of YOU and LOVE who you are & what you’re doing! How about an annual conference at a beach location??
  • I had my first, extended, conversation with Netta this week about ‘retirement’ or, at least, what the transition from Lead Pastor to some other form of ministry might look like (many years from now)… it’s weird talking about stuff like that? I want to make sure I finish when it’s time and walk out strong rather than limp out wondering…
  • I’ve been trying to figure out who that villain was that they briefly showed at the end of the Avengers… I’m thinking it was Thanos. Any marvel fans willing to confirm?
  • I have so many wonderful friends, mentors and allies in my life.
  • I’m SO imperfect. I’ve needed SO much forgiveness, grace & mercy. I try to give it often & abundantly. Many times I’m unaware that I may owe an apology to someone, if it’s you, PLEASE FORGIVE ME. Sincerely, please. Thanks.

Well, these are a few things I’m thinking about, praying about or just wondering from time-to-time. They’re in NO particular order and probably don’t require specific responses but you’re welcome to jump in on whatever topic caught your attention.

I’m flying to Florida with my wife & Xmin students tomorrow evening. I’ll probably have lots of time this week, with my King, to walk the beach and work through these thoughts. Being near the ocean is always therapeutic for me. Keep us in prayer!

Still scratching,

Q: the ocean is my getaway spot for rest, recharge, vision and fun. Where do you go?


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6 responses to Head Scratching

  1. Lynn Yaremchuk May 19, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    Neil and I like Key West. I’m from Orlando, so I’m partial to Florida, New Smyrna Beach especially. Have fun! Have some rock shrimp for me 😉

  2. Shirley Woods May 19, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    The ocean is a natural wonder and example of God’s beautiful grace! Love it! Time truly flies, it has been almost two years since a group of giddy youth knocked on my door with bread and I must say it has changed my life! I used to be extremely saddened because I have been restricted as far as my physical abilities at a time where I finally had some revelations about my walk with God. Talk about scratching your head, just when I want to run and jump and work multi hour days to “serve God”, physically I can’t. I’m thankful to God that He brought me to Real Church it changed my thinking, I’ve always been a nice faker. You can try but, you can’t fake breath or walk. God is working and preparing us in so many wonderful ways I know, I’m just trying to get my head right as He gets my heart right. Thanking Him all the while for His mercy! You are correct on that Avengers issue. Thanos- I’m a Google fan!

    • I love: “it has been almost two years since a group of giddy youth knocked on my door with bread and I must say it has changed my life!” — life change began with a loaf of bread! YES! Anyone can be used by God!

  3. Seriously… I go to Detroit. As I drive closer to the city, my breaths get deeper, i get more relaxed, I head straight to the Riverwalk. I walk along the water, and then I find my favorite spot (I took the boys there for pizza) and read my bible. (if it wasn’t confirmed already… I’m so weird!)

    I also like Belle Isle.

    The other day (wednesday), I saw Christ shoot right out your eyes! It was pretty awesome to see how much you loved someone! I don’t want to mention their name, you talked just about how much you loved them. I’m so glad that those years ago, you and your beautiful wife came to Detroit! I’m so thankful to call you guys friends!

    Happy Vacation!

  4. Haha so true about the sunscreen! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I am challenged by the way you ask questions. You’re never satisfied with being average or “just ok” with it; you don’t let things sit and hope time passes it- You give it to God, you ask others- and something changes. There is a constant growth in you. I am praying for you and that God will continue to make questions like these clear to you! LOVE YOU!

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