I Wonder…

Chilly —  February 2, 2013 — 3 Comments
  • is my life & ministry Biblical or just a paraphrase?
  • how can I consistently add to my prayer life (both quality & quantity)?
  • am I improving as a husband & father?
  • who are my true friends?
  • who am I a true friend to?
  • have I applied the message I’m about to share tomorrow?
  • is coffee a drug and am I an addict?
  • am I living poor enough?
  • have I lost any weight? … been back on Real Life Plan a few weeks.
  • do I smile enough?
  • why are YOU reading this?
    *that’s the real humbling awesome thing about blogging!


so yeah, that’s what I’m wondering on
this cold, snowy Saturday afternoon.


  • by the way, do you have any questions or comments to add?
  • is there a way that I could be a better blessing with this blog?

thank you for taking the time to stay connected with my life & ministry.
I’m honoredChilly


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Chilly is a follower of Christ, husband of a queen and father of avengers. Executive Director of RevolutionYouth.co Instagram: @thechillychilton Twitter: @iChilly "I LOVE: my wife Netta, our 5 amazing kids, Buckeyes, good coffee, U2, Nike shoes, anything Apple, sushi, my dog Jack, beach vacations, sports, books & YOU!"

3 responses to I Wonder…

  1. You just being your real self blesses and encourages me. We’ve been walking parallel paths as of late.

  2. Pastor Chilly- As I am reading this post my mind goes back a couple of years to the first time I heard you speak. NNED Youth Convention 2011. I was inspired by your message to get more involved in our church ministry. ( My wife and I were adult chaperones for our youth group then) I saw the need of a generation of young people that desperately need to know Jesus. I was challenged to step up and do something about it. Three words- Inspired, Involved and Challenged. They have changed my life!!!
    Now almost 2 years later I am a lay youth pastor of anywhere in the neighborhood of 25-60 young people. Your blog and ministry help focus my attention on the One we serve. I am pressing through a time right now where I need God to move in the hearts of our young people.
    I take what you say to heart and I ask God to bless you and give you strength to keep moving forward. You have been such a blessing. I cannot thank you enough.


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