God, cause my heart to beat so loud with Your love that it hurts the ears of the enemy and sends panic through the hidden ranks of the air. May it be a mighty warring beat that creates chaos and confusion to every scheme of our adversary. Use me. Help me not back down or sit out. I want to stand blameless and strong. May I be a fearless, servant-hearted, warrior for the King of Kings. Amen. ~ cc

let it BEAT!


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Chilly is a follower of Christ, husband of a queen and father of avengers. Executive Director of RevolutionYouth.co Instagram: @thechillychilton Twitter: @iChilly "I LOVE: my wife Netta, our 5 amazing kids, Buckeyes, good coffee, U2, Nike shoes, anything Apple, sushi, my dog Jack, beach vacations, sports, books & YOU!"

3 responses to let it BEAT!

  1. Add a line or two to my prayer. Let’s intercede together.

  2. Send workers to Your harvest. Finish Your work around the world!

  3. Father,
    Open the blinded eyes, open the deaf ears, soften the hard hearts. Make me a vessel to be used each and every day. Open up opportunities for me to witness to those who don’t know you, give me the words to say, a heart for your children, the opportunities to lead lost souls to salvation thru Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. AMEN

    (May I re-post your prayer?)

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