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Chilly —  March 7, 2013 — 6 Comments

Here’s a few blogs, stories, or other things I clicked this week…
(click the one’s that sound interesting)


Almost Everything I Know About God I Learned by Doing, Not by Studying by Bob Goff

All Boats Leak by Seth Godin

How to be Awesome in Only 2 Steps by Jon Acuff

Appreciate, but not Enjoy by Netta Chilton (my Queen)

Stuck in the Rut by Mohan Karulkar

Are You Avoiding the Danger Zone? by Tony Morgan

Acceptable Pride? by Craig Groeschel

The Power of Being Uncomfortable by Scott Williams

So, I’d like to know TWO things:

  1. Which post (from above) did you like the most? Why?
  2. What’s a post or blog that I (we) should check out?

Always glad to grow with others,


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6 responses to Link Love

  1. Loved all the posts… sorry to be so contrary LOL.

    Needed to hear the notes from Craig Groeschel (again), and Seth Godin was great. But I was especially drawn by Netta’s post. Very well said.

  2. Well, I’ll read all the rest at some point ( I hope) but I only read Netta ‘s lol and it’s sure to be my favorite because of the truth that it speaks, and she’s always speaking life into me! And well, she’s my friend and I’m super proud of that fact!!!

  3. The Seth Godin one was the only one that really resonated, mainly as it reinforces a lot of what I’ve been learning at the minute. Couldn’t get the link to Netta’s to work.

    Blogs that really should be read? I always learn when reading outWORD, this ones a favourite, Matte’s blog is well worth a real dig, lots of good feedin’

    Also found these thoughts useful

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