Loathes with a Passion

Chilly —  June 20, 2014 — 1 Comment

Here are six things God hates, and,
one more that he loathes with a passion

7-backlinks1.  eyes that are arrogant,

2.  a tongue that lies,

3.  hands that murder the innocent,

4.  a heart that hatches evil plots,

5.  feet that race down a wicked track,

6.  a mouth that lies under oath,

7.  a troublemaker in the family.

Proverbs 6:16-19 msg.

Hmmm…  many, if not most, of those things are somewhat avoidable – or at least should be, however, what really jumped out at me today as I studied Prov. 6, was that one that it says God  “loathes with a passion” – a troublemaker in the family (in your home or your church).  Wow. It’s so easy to think it’s no big deal when you are provoking others, complaining about them, and always finding fault in ‘the house’ or just being lazy & indifferent. Maybe you think, “well I don’t like the leadership or I don’t respect what’s happening”… my friend, IF God put you in the house, you’re to show respect and do your part JOYFULLY and thoroughly without complaining, starting trouble, pouting or running away. The Lord is developing character in you through submission and loving obedience.

We should hate the things God hates.

No justification or expecting everyone else to figure out when you’re ‘joking’ or ‘messin’ – simply STOP. Prefer others. Believe in others. ENJOY OTHERS! We all have faults. We all make mistakes. But, love covers a multitude of sins. 


    • Are you ready to eliminate ALL seven?


    • Do you hate the things God hates? Note: God doesn’t hate people, just sin.


    • Will you choose, joyful and gracious, peace?

lovin’ the family, chilly



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  1. Great hard lesson that is often overlooked. Words mean something and they carry power.

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