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It seems that I’m constantly seeking to understand and apply God’s calling and destiny. I have no doubt that He has called me and that He has laid a path before me that is unique to my anointing and giftings. What’s so challenging is understanding how the environment where I grew up and the culture that I was exposed to in seminary, could be so completely opposite to the very place & culture where God has led me to impact. I’m a living paradox! Trust me, I’ve scratched my head many times asking God, “are you sure I’m the guy for this?”

The bottom line is, His ways are FAR above our waysGod knows what He’s doing! I just need to submit & serve! And, through this obedience, I desire to understand more & more…    and so it seems that I’m becoming a missiologist.

what-is-missiologyWikipedia: describes “Missiology“, or mission science, as the area of practical theology which investigates the mandate, message and work of the Christian missionary. Missiology is a multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural reflexion on all aspects of the propagation of the Christian faith, embracing theology, anthropology, history, geography, theories and methods of communication, comparative religion, Christian apologetics, methodology, and interdenominational relations.

One of a missiologist’s most difficult challenges is to distinguish between practices that are essential to Christianity and therefore must be practised by Christians in all cultures, and other strictly cultural expressions of Christianity that can be changed and adapted to a different culture. You know, leaving what’s sacred alone but adjusting those things that are cultural so that they have the ultimate impact.

I have not fully grasped all the dynamics of missiology, especially as it pertains to my current call, but I am enjoying my time in the lab! With each page I turn of His Word and with each amazing lecture spoken to my heart by His Spirit, I become more and more aware of who I am, where I am, and why… and even greater, I become more and more aware of WHO HE IS – knowing that He is with me and that His purpose will be completed in and through my life…

There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears. Philippians 1:6 msg.

on a mission… for life! Chilly


Q: Have you figured out your mission & mission field? 
: What’s your NUMBER ONE gift that God designed you to use?
         — Psst, ask someone who knows you!


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7 responses to Missiology

  1. I love, love, LOVE the crazy cool way He reveals Himself and how He uses me in ways that often time leave me scratching my head in amazement. And I can almost feel Him smile when He knows I finally got it. How can you not be hungry for more of Him!?!
    I know what He is preparing me for because when I’m in the midst of it, it’s right, ya know?
    The thought of not living my Christ potential can be very frightening. But it’s that very thought that can motivates me to constantly check myself and what I’m doing.
    Good stuff, Chilly!

  2. This is great. I have found myself doing the same head-scratching here in the deep south… especially after I was called out by someone in a church meeting and told “you do not understand, you’re a yankee.”

    Then God says, “Plant a church.” lol… oookaaay.

    Our Mission: Establish a vibrant, healthy community of faith called the Church in a city with over 700 “churches” (1 for every 80 people).

    My Number One Gift: Relationship building.

    Focused on the mission.

    • Yeah, I get it — I’m a Buckeye in Michigan — a white kid in Detroit’s inner-city … Steve, your gift (relationship building) is truly a blessing that I wish I more of here. It’s always about love. Seeing purpose & potential in people and patiently helping them grow into their anointing & calling. Authentic Discipleship.

      Press on!

  3. If I didn’t have faith to believe that God has ordered my steps and the experience to know that I can trust him, I would be tempted to think of myself as a victim of a bait and switch.

    My education prepared me for leading a church/ministry in optimum conditions. My experience as a staff pastor was in a church environment of affluence. Our present ministry is among great people with different interests and hobbies than my own in a rural environment with high poverty, drug problems, teen pregnancy and broken homes.

    Q1. It is becoming more clear to me as time goes on. The vision is becoming more clear; however, the how is still and always will be, like everything else, a matter of passionate prayer.

    Q2. Wow! Tough question. I had to ask myself, besides my wife and “Kidds”, who really knows me.
    I took your advice and asked a couple of people. Once response said that I listen.

    • the journey can become so complicated if we don’t remain true to our callingrather than trying to fulfill what someone else’s ‘calling’ for our life may be!

  4. Mission Field: the Youth of Caribou Maine
    Potential: Over 800 teens in local school systems
    My gift: As told to me by an elder in our church: COMPASSION
    My Goal: to live a “real” authentic life- open for them to see

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