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Mean people spread mean gossip; their words smart and burn. 28 Troublemakers start fights; gossips break up friendships. Proverbs 16:27-28

Sometimes people aren’t very nice…

 including me.

We get those selfish moments where we are either supersensitive and we take everything too personal or we’re just the opposite, too calloused, and we fail to realize that we’re being a jerk. It happens… far too often for most of us.

It’s important during these glitches in our humanity to:

  • shut up – don’t complain, moan & loathe or, on the other hand,  brag, defend or belittle. Be careful not to use your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc to manipulate or implicate.  then,
  •  get alone with God & His Word.  – seek the absolute and total truth and be willing to obey (repent, forgive or both).  And, finally,
  •  always give others the benefit of the doubt.  – seek the best, believe the best and smile through it (relying on the reality of God’s saving grace to ripple across your face).

Yeah, people will still be mean…

 including me.

 But, we can be better. It’s a daily choice. When pity comes looking for you, turn it around. When hate jumps upon you, shake it off with joy. And, even when praise shines upon you, don’t bask it it’s glory but simple say thanks. Learn to take it each in stride, refusing to be controlled by any of them.

Look how Proverbs 16 ends:

Make your motions and cast your votes, but God has the final say. v. 33


becoming nicer, chilly

Q:  how do you handle your ‘not-so-nice’ moments?


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5 responses to nice.

  1. I try to remember that when people aren’t nice, it’s usually because there is some force in their life that is causing them great pain, and hurting people hurt people. A lot of times, if we just stop and LISTEN, we can figure out what is causing their pain, maybe we can’t fix their problem, but often them knowing that someone cares enough to listen eases their tension, thus eases the situation.

  2. One thing that has always stuck with me is this. There are two things to never take TOO seriously. Criticism and praise. One leads to offense and the other to pride.

  3. Often not well. But I do try to remember what is behind the meanness. When I was a young nurse or still a nursing student, I’d say how mean, complaining someone was. Mom would say, “Mollie, they’re sick, be patient.”
    When defenses are down, it is harder to be understanding. A double dose of prayer for wisdom from God is needed.

  4. Good word! Thanks for being quick to point your finger(or your pen) at SIN not people!

    Thanks for the repeated “including me”.

    Following in repentance.
    Following in holiness.

    BOOM! we win!

    more love and hugs and prayers

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