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Persecution and opposition is a mark of every true Christian… The Old Testament prophets found it so, men like Amos, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel. So did the New Testament apostles. And down through the centuries of the Christian church right up until today, authentic Christians who refuse to distort or dilute the gospel of grace have had to suffer for their faithfulness. The good news of Christ crucified is still a ‘scandal’ (Greek, “skandalon” = stumbling-block), grievously offensive to the pride of our generation. Preach it anyways!

IF you’re real, you won’t have to pick a fight — attack upon your life and character will be unavoidable. But as you stand up, and through, such an onslaught; Christ’s power becomes more and more evident to the cynical,  sarcastic culture hidding in the shadows of a lie.  Soon light will reveal all…  until then, press on.

Yours in the fight and the victory, Chilly


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2 responses to onslaught

  1. This is so very true ~ preach it!

  2. Amen Pastor.
    We do and will encounter opposition and judgement. The minute that we proclaim to be Christian and identify ourselves with Jesus those around us in the world and sad to say sometimes even fellow Christians will watch us like a hawk and criticize our every move or word. But this is only part of the persecution that we face. And that is why I try my best to live above reproach, so that I do not bring reproach to Jesus’ name. As well as the fact that for me when I am living like Jesus it is much easier to deal with and stand up to the judgement and opposition.

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