Silencing My Ignorance

Chilly —  April 21, 2014 — 2 Comments
EarBudsWe live in such a noisy world.


It’s hard to grasp pure silence anymore.


Yet, don’t we all long for it from time to time? … I know that I do.




Yeah, I’m known as a preacher | teacher | speaker – I do these things a lot. And when I do, I’m loud, loquacious, wordy and verbose. I know, I know, I even annoy myself at times. People say, “he’s a loud guy…” (or big mouth).
yeah, I can be.

espite having such a noisy persona, I have to be honest… the things that God asks me to share (loudly at times) are only learned and applied to my heart in times of silence. My hours of solitude determine the effectiveness of my moments of proclamation.

So, when I’m not in front of people, I tend to be pretty laid back, easy going and chill (no pun intended). I disappear sometimes or if I’m around, I try to be a listener… a learner… often silent. I think for some people it’s weird and a bit paradoxical: “how can someone so publicly demonstrative be so easy-going and laid-back the rest of the time?”
Is it hypocritical? I hope not! Jesus seemed to desire times alone & away from the noise. He could sleep through storms and remain silent through accusations. He could say more by drawing in the dirt than others could by yelling from the temple steps.


Wisdom seems to understand the exquisiteness and grace found in silence. If you are still in the learning phase of understanding – choose to be quiet more often. Listen. Observe. Smile. Study. Apply…

The smart person says very little, and one with understanding stays calm. 28 Even fools seem to be wise if they keep quiet; if they don’t speak, they appear to understand” Proverbs 17:27-28.

You can be wiser today.  Or, as verse 28 puts it, at least seem wiser.  Choose it!


2 Ears, 1 Mouth … yeah, I get it!

*In Comments, share your take on this… I’m listening!


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2 responses to Silencing My Ignorance

  1. “My hours of solitude determine the effectiveness of my moments of proclamation.”

    I love that line. We learn from being quiet and allowing others to speak as we listen–especially God! I believe it also helps us learn how to best love those close to us. When we are quiet we have opportunities to hear needs and see how people can best be loved and encouraged.

    I like to have silence and quiet, I just want to make sure I’m using it to listen and pay attention, not get lost in my own thoughts. My HOURS of solitude determine the effectiveness of my MOMENTS of proclamation. The solitude always outweighs the proclamation.

    Thank you for this challenge and reminder!

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