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Time 4 Change

Chilly —  June 13, 2015 — Leave a comment

Embracing-changeMy family and I are on vacation for a few weeks… so this seems like the perfect time to make a BIG change!

I’m SUPER HONORED by all of you who faithfully read, subscribe and share! With this in mind, we are going to TOTALLY redesign the site: this will include adding podcasts, videos, new posts and guest bloggers. My heart is to create a page specifically designed to provide discipleship, mentorship and leadership opportunities to people at ANY stage of maturity in Christ.  Hope this sounds fun!

SO, we are taking down until early July.  We’ll let you know (via social media) as soon as the site is up!


Chilly Chilton

Twitter: @iChilly
Instagram: SpynCaptain

Fine Tune

Chilly —  March 28, 2014 — 5 Comments

I really want this site to be a place of resource, encouragement, revelation, laughter, inspiration, blessing and COURAGE to you! Sometimes I’m just rambling about my life and the feelings, features-how-to-fine-tunebattles, and joys associated with it – which, I know, can be helpful but from time to time, I would also like to write about some things that are directly related to where YOU are and what you’re going through…

So, I’m fine tuning this site with YOU in mind! Would you mind clicking the comment button and sharing with me (us) some things on your heart that you would like me to chat about? Questions, comments, thoughts – WHATEVER! Thanks!

Also, it may be helpful for you to subscribe to –> add your email in right column.

Look forward to praying for you and sharing in your adventures!   … Chilly

Link Love

Chilly —  March 7, 2013 — 6 Comments

Here’s a few blogs, stories, or other things I clicked this week…
(click the one’s that sound interesting)


Almost Everything I Know About God I Learned by Doing, Not by Studying by Bob Goff

All Boats Leak by Seth Godin

How to be Awesome in Only 2 Steps by Jon Acuff

Appreciate, but not Enjoy by Netta Chilton (my Queen)

Stuck in the Rut by Mohan Karulkar

Are You Avoiding the Danger Zone? by Tony Morgan

Acceptable Pride? by Craig Groeschel

The Power of Being Uncomfortable by Scott Williams

So, I’d like to know TWO things:

  1. Which post (from above) did you like the most? Why?
  2. What’s a post or blog that I (we) should check out?

Always glad to grow with others,

Words & Phrases

Chilly —  May 10, 2012 — 26 Comments

Today has been one of those days where I had the time to round-up all the wild thoughts & ideas that have been running through my heart & head; and try to make some sense of them! So, I simply wrote down words & phrases, in no particular order, and added a little commentary. It’s GOOD to know why you do what you do or believe what you believe.

So, here’s a sneak peek into my personal journal as I write out a few words or phrases that define (or, at least, should define) my life & mission:

  • Love
    — this is a verb. let God’s love explode inside & out
  • Always Learn Something
    — When I read the Bible, have a conversation, sit in an airport, etc — look, listen, LEARN!
  • Fight for Hope
  • —  nothing is EVER beyond Christ’s power.
  • Kiss More
    — I will ALWAYS kiss my daughters AND sons (on the lips)! And, a confession, I don’t kiss my wife enough.
  • Pray Hard
    — pray until something happens (PUSH). you’re never done until there’s joy!
  • Play Hard
    — we need exercise & fun. do something that makes your heart pound every day!
  • Embrace Transparency
    — being vulnerable protects you from living a double-life. BE real.
  • Search for Potential
    —  God has made EVERYONE for a purpose. Find it! Promote it!
  • Make Friends
    — in ministry, we are often warned about being close w/ people. I’ll risk the burn to gain a brother!
  • Stay Curious
    — it’s amazing what you discover by simply wondering ‘why?’
  • Be Merciful 
    — I need lots of mercy, so I give it out by the bucket full.
  • Don’t Hate Work
    — there’s NO way around it, everything good requires lots of work.
  • Choose Joy
    — Laugh more. No matter what  your situation is, you have Jesus! SMILE!
  • Make Disciples
    — MUST be deliberate and OUTSIDE of ‘church duties’. Why? Jesus told us to do it!
  • Journal
    — write stuff down! keep a record of your journey – it will keep you thankful, focused & sane. And, if you’re really daring, blog it!
  • NEVER Quit
    — you’ll want to, ‘they’ will say you should, it will feel like it’s the right thing to do… DON’T.