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Lost Change

Chilly —  March 25, 2014 — 14 Comments

People are sick of being challenged… We want to change.

IWantChangeWe want the kind of change that starts deep within and then works it’s way out. Change that screams it’s way through every pore of our being. Thorough & complete. Not another temporary reaction to a motivational speech or verbal kick in the butt … change from those things stirs our emotions and rarely lasts.

We love to make resolutions, bold statements and grand promises. We write them in permanent ink and then highlight them, double-underline them and add a few stars. We sound serious. We want change.  But a month later… No change.

Where are the true revolutionaries of the faith? Is anyone radical for Christ anymore? Have we all become so full of ourselves that we can’t be full of the Holy Spirit? Are we too stubborn to change?

(maybe all of this is just “me talking”…  Or maybe it’s more than just me…  hmmm)

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It Happened Again

Chilly —  December 2, 2012 — 9 Comments


1. to make or become different; alter
2. tr ) to replace with or exchange for another:

Today, we shared HUGE NEWS with our three campuses about MAJOR change for Courage Church in 2013. How did they receive it?? They cheered and clapped! Wow! I love my church SO much!

Beginning on January 6th, our Hamtown AND Mexicantown campuses will meet on Sunday mornings at 11am (currently on Sunday afternoons at 3pm) and our midweek EQUIPs will meet Wednesdays at 7pm in Hamtown and Thursdays at 7pm in Mexicantown (both currently meet at 7:30pm).

And, here’s the BIG NEWS, our Midtown campus will shift to the other 2 campuses and no longer meet at the Magic Stick / Majestic Theater. We are already actively pursuing new avenues to minister in Midtown including the possibility of opening another Courage Coffee, starting campus groups or small groups and eventually finding a church location.

courage amp buddyGod grew our faith & focus 3 years ago (after 5 years of growth in Hamtramck). He spoke clearly that He was going to give us a church in Detroit some day and we needed to get busy preparing for His provision. So we launched the work in Midtown. This past August, we received opportunity to acquire a new facility (a closed church) in the Mexicantown community of SW Detroit. Now, open and beginning to impact the community, we sense God leading us to shift our people and focus to the two communities where we have buildings and then restructure our ministry in Midtown. That’s what we’re going to do.

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