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Honest thoughts about Doubt.

Chilly —  June 27, 2013 — 15 Comments

Do you ever wrestle with overwhelming doubt? I do.

neverdoubtWe know God’s got a plan and that His timing is perfect, but we begin to wonder IF we’re the right person for His plan and IF we missed or ignored His promptings. In times like this, I bombard my brain with questions like: IF this is God’s will, why do we still struggle with finances? Why don’t more people get excited about it? When will we catch a break? Who can I contact to help? Am I what’s hindering our progress?

It often seems like people love what we’re doing but only from a distance. If you push for more involvement, commitment or support; they disappear into the shadows. Face it, we need more than Facebook friends or Twitter followers — we long for genuine relationships right in the trenches where we do war. We need people standing with us not pointing at us. Doubt says they don’t exist (or at least not for you)…

Doubt is a punk! He’s a hater, poser and crippler. He causes you to focus on your feelings and fears. He distracts you from spending time with Jesus and reading God’s Word. Doubt causes you to withdraw, take fewer risks and entertain depression. I HATE DOUBT!

On Tuesday night, I engaged in a twitter discussion about “doubt” with those connected with People of the Second Chance (POTSC). I thought I would share a few of my tweets from the discussion:

  • Right decisions are simply acts in obedience to the purposes of God. He will lead us right through doubt & on to destiny!
  • When I doubt myself I feel disconnected from God. Because I know He has no doubts (even in me).
  • Doubts are stepping stones across the river of defeat – certainty awaits on the other side… so, MOVE!
  • “Do all things without grumbling or questioning” Philippians 2:14… of course, this was spoken to single focused believers.
  • Selfishness & insecurity are constantly trying to replace faith with flesh. We want to feel everything NOW.

I’m learning to doubt my doubts!

Q: Where are YOU at with doubt?

stepping on & over my doubts,