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Chilly —  June 13, 2012 — 5 Comments

Mean people spread mean gossip; their words smart and burn. 28 Troublemakers start fights; gossips break up friendships. Proverbs 16:27-28

Sometimes people aren’t very nice…

 including me.

We get those selfish moments where we are either supersensitive and we take everything too personal or we’re just the opposite, too calloused, and we fail to realize that we’re being a jerk. It happens… far too often for most of us.

It’s important during these glitches in our humanity to:

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Friendship honesty?

Chilly —  March 21, 2012 — Leave a comment

A Few Friendship Questions:

  1. When things change between you & a friend – and they ask, “is something wrong?” – are you honest? Or do you act like nothing’s wrong?
  2. Are you easy to confront or approach when something is bothering you?
  3. Do you think someone would like to ask you about something right now but are uncomfortable or unsure about how to bring it up?
  4. When, if ever, do you have to say goodbye to a friendship?
  5. Is Jesus REALLY your best friend (or just a big guy in the sky)? How does this relationship impact all other friendships?
Two Ways to Answer:
  1. Write a quick answer (140 characters or less) to this question: “what is a friend?” Answer this in the little answer box below.
  2. In the Comments (not answer box) – Take a few minutes and number your answers (below) 1-5 or just the specific number you are answering if you don’t want to discuss them all.
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