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Like a remote control, the Bible helps me
change the channel in my mind;
and the Holy Spirit pushes the buttons!


Prophet Loss

Chilly —  May 21, 2014 — 7 Comments

speak-the-truthJohn the Baptist was a stud! So was Samuel, Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Paul and, of course, our Lord!  They were given a Word to speak and an audience to speak it to – and, they stepped up and fearlessly spoke (and lived) it clearly. No, not as some religious salesman or angry mega-phoned hater – they were NEVER jerks. But, they were also, NEVER wimps. They refused to hide behind words like: relevant, seeker-sensitive or even, missional. They didn’t care about fitting in with all the other cool dudes trying to make Jesus organically & authentically hip. They lived loud. They completed their mission. No apologies, No compromise, No excuses, No regrets.

So, Where You At Prophets?!

I’ve been asking God to broaden my vision and increase my boldness. I know… it probably sounds like a bunch of spiritual-sounding crap.  But, I’m not talking about some ‘prayer of Jabez’ deal – there’s not a simple phrase or mantra that we recite once a day and then magically we’re bolder, richer or happier!

I don’t think we should ask God for greater insight and awareness to His Spirit’s leading IF we are not willing to act upon such knowledge. Risky? Yes. For true prophets are not only those who have a grasp of the future but also, and more importantly, those that see the NOW. Many Christians today run from church to church looking for a “word” – something sweet & promising.  Yet, most are not looking for the truth about their hearts & minds – they don’t want rebuke for their current condition. But what is more needed? Back in the OT, they didn’t a smile when a prophet came to town… they knew a hard Word was coming – but, IF followed, it could bring healing, rescue and lots of hope!  Continue Reading…

Unless the eye catch fire,
The God will not be seen.
Unless the ear catch fire
The God will not be heard.
Unless the tongue catch fire
The God will not be named.
Unless the heart catch fire,
The God will not be loved.
Unless the mind catch fire,
The God will not be known.

Pentecost by William Blake

Poor me.

Chilly —  July 27, 2012 — 9 Comments

I’ve read a familiar verse, found in the Beatitudes, many times but without really grasping it’s full meaning.  Jesus said, Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven Matthew 5:3.  How do I make my “spirit” poor?  For those of us that don’t speak “christian-ese” – or talk about the “spirit of this” and the “spirit of that” in every conversation, this sounds a bit confusing. Being poor isn’t hard – ha, that’s simple – but, it’s seems paradoxical to think that my spirit could/should be poor. Hmmm… there’s got to be an explanation.

 Let me attempt to explain, briefly, what I think… a true Christian family, church or community (all depends on what you want to call it) is made up of authentically humble people. Complete destitution seems to be a basic requirement. Think you’re rich and you’re sent away woefully wealthy but acknowledge inner bankruptcy and you’re in. We’ve got to truly grasp reality: we have no personal merit, no strings we can pull, no power to save ourselves, and absolutely nothing in our hands or in our hearts that we deserve. We’re busted… broke… cleaned-out completely. Ah, yes, now – and only now – can we be filled with the supernatural and trusted with the Kingdom of Heaven.

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