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Chilly —  May 14, 2014 — 9 Comments

9 Reasons Why 10 Leadership Lessons
may be 8 Too many or 3 Too Short!


Have you ever thought about why so many people use numbered lists for every profound thought or idea? Really, why??

Seems like most leadership or ministry posts that I read always have whatever topic the author is choosing to discuss broken down into a certain number of points … and, they promote it by saying “Eight Ways to…” or “Ten Proven Lessons…” or whatever! It kind of makes it sound like they’re saying that they have found the exact amount of answers or truths on the topic they’re presenting. I think it was man, not God, that called the TEN COMMANDMENTS by that title — because there were MORE than ten and, as we see in the New Testament, there are also less than TEN! And, no, this is not my attempt to minimize the importance of the Ten Commandments – they were distinct & written on tablets – but, were they numbered & titled?

I guess what I’m saying is that I read, so often, titles of books or posts with numbers stated in such a way that it implies ‘that’s it, I’ve discovered the exact amount’ … now, of course, this post is being presented tongue-in-cheek! I’m not picking a fight or trying to offend. I understand that there may be no spiritually redeeming value in this post. And, I must admit, I use lists too… I simply would love some dialog on the subject of “Why Number EVERYTHING?!” Or, why present the numbered list as if it’s the definitive list? Ok, that’s it! Blow up the comments on this!

Then I’ll take all the comments presented and make a list of
THE SEVEN Reasons People Use Numbers” Ha!

Your opinion counts (not that I’m counting),

Join Me this June!

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Lost Change

Chilly —  March 25, 2014 — 14 Comments

People are sick of being challenged… We want to change.

IWantChangeWe want the kind of change that starts deep within and then works it’s way out. Change that screams it’s way through every pore of our being. Thorough & complete. Not another temporary reaction to a motivational speech or verbal kick in the butt … change from those things stirs our emotions and rarely lasts.

We love to make resolutions, bold statements and grand promises. We write them in permanent ink and then highlight them, double-underline them and add a few stars. We sound serious. We want change.  But a month later… No change.

Where are the true revolutionaries of the faith? Is anyone radical for Christ anymore? Have we all become so full of ourselves that we can’t be full of the Holy Spirit? Are we too stubborn to change?

(maybe all of this is just “me talking”…  Or maybe it’s more than just me…  hmmm)

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Some people are like baby teeth —
they leave you & create holes —
it’s ok, for they’re making room for
new friends that will stay forever!
~ chilly

Losing Baby Teeth.