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Is Jay Leno your pastor?

Chilly —  February 7, 2014 — 22 Comments
Disclaimer: I have never been a regular viewer of the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno and realize that my observations are biased and a bit exaggerated. I do not know Jay or Jimmy personally. This post is about ‘style’ and ‘approach’ not a personal jab (Leno) or endorsement (Fallon) of an individual. They are probably both great guys. Please read this with an open mind — I’m really not trying to offend.

I wrote these observations while watching Jay Leno’s final “Tonight Show” — they are simple (under-developed) thoughts that I scribbled in my journal.

Jay Leno is being replaced by Jimmy Fallon… how is this same trend happening in American churches?? What’s it tell us? I have a few thoughts…

jimmy_fallon_jay_leno_a_h Continue Reading…

Understanding the Drill Sergeant

Chilly —  August 17, 2013 — 6 Comments

Often times we, as Soldiers of the Cross, fail to remember those who first recognized our potential and fought so hard to push us to where we’re serving today.

We remember our commanding officers — those with vision, wisdom, experience, conviction and profound leadership. They keep the big picture always before us.

We remember our fellow soldiers — those who fought beside us through so many battles, those who had our backs, those that never quit. Those we still call friend today.

We remember those who love us, perhaps a boyfriend or girlfriend — or our spouse or parent. Their unconditional belief in us, encouraging words, and always open embrace, kept us going forward and helped us remember that there was purpose in what we were doing.

But what about “Sarge?”

We rarely hear the war hero talk about the person who saw potential in them when no one else did. The person who built discipline, oh yes – painful discipline, into him when it wasn’t appreciated or understood. The person who taught him how to run the race to win, to fight a vicious enemy, and to be determined to never quit.

Yes, the drill sergeant, had to risk your hate, anger and misunderstanding. He is well aware that he will be forgotten, or only remembered for the negative, hard to do, expectations or demands. He’s okay when you go on to greater ranks and multiple accolades while he remains back and starts again.

It may seem hard to believe, but he loves you and more importantly, he loves the cause for which he is training you!

He also must be comfortable with the understanding that some will quit while under his command. This is a painfully necessary part of the process. And he, with sober resolve and sadness, realizes that these individuals will always blame him for their failure. Continue Reading…

road to Great

Chilly —  February 13, 2013 — 5 Comments
  1. its-greatwhat good thing is preventing you from doing or being something GREAT??
  2. how do we move from good to GREAT??
  3. have you ever looked GREATness in the eyes?
  4. why do most people just settle for good …or even less??
  5. what kind of person are you??
  6. most people won’t push you to GREATness, yet that’s where God lives… so how can it be a motivation thing??
  7. how will a person know when they’ve gone from good to GREAT (aside from angelic ovations)??
  8. or is that just it – GREATness is always just out of reach?? it’s more about striving then arriving.
  9. so, are you, at least, on the road to Great?
… just a few random questions bouncin’ around my brain today – would love to have your input – add you comments and include the corresponding number…

Let it out!

Chilly —  February 12, 2013 — 2 Comments

The question was asked in an online pastors forum:

Q: Does your church have a place where people can openly and honestly explore their faith?

I think they were looking for programs, systems, materials or classes. So, my answer may have been a bit different. Here’s what I said:

A: Yes, we have a place: my living room, office, car, coffee shop, wherever – even the basketball court or local restaurant.

Discipleship is living.

jesus graffiti doorIt means being transparent with all areas of our lives – which, naturally, invites/invokes questions and other opportunities for discovery & development.

We keep trying to write programs & systems – we’re still looking for a box to put it in.

Let it out and live. Flaws and all. Let others explore “us” – diggin into our faith and researching our journey. Finding out that the outrageous claims of Christ are TRUE!

You can be deliberate without looking it.

I think a problem we’re finding in our  older church leadership is that a generation is crying out for mentorship/discipleship and yet we’ve never been mentored or discipled ourselves. We say we’ll mentor them but we find it hard to do – we’re trafficking unlived truths.

Early in my ministry I had to fight to be mentored – no one was volunteering. I started journaling, made myself vulnerable & accountable, and trained my mentors to mentor me. Few will be this direct or bold.

Today, I’m surrounded daily – wherever I am – with people that I’m discipling and/or my wife is discipling. OUR LIVES ARE OPEN.

… still learning & growing, Chilly