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When you stop pouring yourself
into others, the anointing stops.

Discipleship is a lifetime calling.

~ Chilly

Keep pouring!

Tweet Wisdom

Chilly —  March 8, 2013 — 2 Comments

twitter_graffiti_ccFrom time to time, I take an hour or so to mentor & encourage my friends & followers on Twitter. I simply call it “Tweet Coaching” (hashtag #TweetCoach). Today I interacted with some amazing leaders from all across the country including: Texas, Tennessee, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Maine, Vermont and, of course, Michigan! I even heard from a friend in Northern Ireland!

Here’s a recap from today’s session:

Topic: Prayer

  • One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about prayer is I must be tenacious, tireless & unshakable! Read: Luke 18:1-8 – we quit too easily!
  •  If we’re not willing to be surprised in prayer – particularly how God answers prayer – we’re not yet ready to pray. Paul Paino
  • I’m not taking prayer (or God) seriously IF I don’t take a journal into it. I’m there to listen, learn & obey!

Topic: Women in Ministry – how do we proceed?

  • Find a crazy, Godly, woman to serve and learn from at any cost! The BEST resource is a mentor! (Netta Chilton, Jeanne Mayo are a couple that come to mind)

Topic: Overcoming negative feelings & emotions in hard times.

  • I remember the story of Jesus in the boat during storm. May seem like He’s sleeping but he’s IN the boat (your life). He didn’t promise no storms, but He did promised to be there! Keep rowing and fix your eyes on the shore!

Topic: How do I define God’s faithfulness?

  • God’s faithfulness was described best by Him: “I Am”

Topic: Important lessons about leading corporate prayer.

  • In corporate prayer, people are looking for an example not an instructor. They will follow your passion! Lighting candles helps sometimes too!
  • Also in corporate prayer, don’t hide behind worship music, dare to break the silence by crying out to God!

Topic: Casting Vision

  • Vision is tricky – I think God wants to give it to us but we’re too lazy or afraid to let Him show us something BIG.
  • Most people want a vision of the future, but as we know, true prophets also see vision for the NOW.
  • If we are faithful with the little things, God will give you bigger vision later!
  • Discipleship is key — I invite others into my ‘vision chamber’ … vision creates vision.

Topic: What’s meant by term “pastoral care”?

  • I think “Pastor Care” is best described here: Acts 6 — Stephen may have been the best one EVER!
  • We need to release our pastor(s) to study, pray & preach. Don’t expect them to do everything in the church – especially something you could (should) do.

Topic: What relationships are key for mentorship & accountability?

  • I think we need, like Apostle Paul, someone beneath (Timothy), beside (Silas) and above (Barnabas). Accountability & mentorship.
  • The hardest to find, for me, is the Barnabas person above because you have to often teach your mentor how to mentor you. Still pursue it – it’s worth it!
  • I don’t think we should simply follow at a distance – be known. There’s strength in the relationship.

Well, that gives a pretty good overview of our conversation this afternoon. It was a lot of fun and I’m so honored by all the interaction.

Our NEXT session will be Friday, March 22nd, at 1pm (EST). Set your reminder and look for #TweetCoach on Twitter!

Feel free to comment about ANY of the subject matter from today!

Let it out!

Chilly —  February 12, 2013 — 2 Comments

The question was asked in an online pastors forum:

Q: Does your church have a place where people can openly and honestly explore their faith?

I think they were looking for programs, systems, materials or classes. So, my answer may have been a bit different. Here’s what I said:

A: Yes, we have a place: my living room, office, car, coffee shop, wherever – even the basketball court or local restaurant.

Discipleship is living.

jesus graffiti doorIt means being transparent with all areas of our lives – which, naturally, invites/invokes questions and other opportunities for discovery & development.

We keep trying to write programs & systems – we’re still looking for a box to put it in.

Let it out and live. Flaws and all. Let others explore “us” – diggin into our faith and researching our journey. Finding out that the outrageous claims of Christ are TRUE!

You can be deliberate without looking it.

I think a problem we’re finding in our  older church leadership is that a generation is crying out for mentorship/discipleship and yet we’ve never been mentored or discipled ourselves. We say we’ll mentor them but we find it hard to do – we’re trafficking unlived truths.

Early in my ministry I had to fight to be mentored – no one was volunteering. I started journaling, made myself vulnerable & accountable, and trained my mentors to mentor me. Few will be this direct or bold.

Today, I’m surrounded daily – wherever I am – with people that I’m discipling and/or my wife is discipling. OUR LIVES ARE OPEN.

… still learning & growing, Chilly

Head Scratching

Chilly —  May 19, 2012 — 6 Comments

Clarification: this post is NOT about dandruff or lice. So, please read on…

In 10 days, we will hit the eight year mark for living in Detroit. And, I’m sure in the next week, or so, I’ll write more about the lessons learned, victories won and challenges remaining… but, today, I’m simply scratching my head. I’ve been asking myself a lot of tough questions (I suppose this is called soul-searching). Maybe there aren’t answers for everything I’m pondering but I’ll list a few thoughts that have been keeping me awake recently.

  • When leading an ALL volunteer staff, how much should you expect or require? What’s the best way to show my appreciation and/or support? How do you keep them motivated & healthy?
  • Despite growing to 2 campuses and adding more mature individuals & couples, why do we still barely pay all of the bills as a church each month?
  • My roles are currently: Husband, Father, Pastor (2 campuses), Mentor/Coach, Youth Pastor, Manager of coffee house, Director of Xmin (discipleship), President of Hope Works, Inc, Presbyter of Detroit Metro AG (26 churches), Speaker for camps/conferences and I was asked today by Chief of Police to be Chaplain. After listing all of these important roles, I’m not sure what the best question is because I still feel like I’m not doing enough.
  • What’s the deal with our Detroit Tigers? With our line-up and pitchers (not to mention payroll) we should be destroying the AL Central! What’s with the parody?
  • Occasionally, when someone moves on from ministry with us, they become all jaded… why all the hating? If it was bad, you’re free! Be happy! And, now that you’re free, why aren’t you doing even more for Christ?
  • Why were we (or at least us with ‘lighter skin’) made with skin that gets sunburned? I love sunny days but HATE sunscreen!   Continue Reading…