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Christmas Prodigals

Chilly —  December 10, 2014 — Leave a comment

Each day I look for unique ways to LEARN… I’ve always believed that anything alive MUST grow.  You know, stop learning and you stop living. So, with this in mind, I do various things to inspire & educate my heart and mind. One of the simple ways is by daily adding a new word to my vocabulary. You can find lots of applications that offer this – many will send a word to you, via email, daily.

So my word today was: prodigality
1. extravagant wastefulness

018-prodigal-sonThe story of the prodigal son (Luke 15) is familiar to most of us. I think often times when we think of the word ‘prodigal’ we associate it with words like:  rebellious, ungrateful, selfish or foolish… but, in truth, it really means ‘wasteful’. You see, his father’s gift was meant to give him a better life and a brighter future. It was an investment, a foundation and a trust.  Something that the son could build his life upon. But, instead, the son took his father’s gift for granted and turned it into something cheap and meaningless.  It took a pig’s pen to bring him to his senses.

I think we are like the prodigal…  far too often. 

The Christmas season really exposes this. You see, it’s during this time that we are reminded how our heavenly Father – motivated by great love – send his Son to redeem us. He gave us the ultimate gift!! Is your life built upon it? Is Christmas a time of “extravagant wastefulness” for you? IF yes… well, I guess change is required. Or, will you refuse? Will it take a pig pen?

I want to be a person of extravagant generosity!

  1. What was your “pig pen” moment? … or, do you need one now?
  2. How can you be sure to never, ever, go back to the slop?
  3. Is your generosity replacing your wastefulness?

God so loved YOU, that He GAVE… to celebrate Christmas, we must do the same.