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Running Shoes

Chilly —  February 16, 2016 — 4 Comments

I’m wearing running shoes.

Every day. Why? Because God told me to. 

Nike_Free_Final_Horz_smWeird, right? Well, sometimes God asks us to do weird stuff (like, he asked Isaiah to walk around for three years completely naked). So, wearing athletic shoes isn’t so bad, right?!

There were really two unique and distinct reasons I felt God calling me to do this:

  1. I need a daily, constant, reminder that I have been entrusted with a message that needs to be communicated NOW! Check out this verse, “Then the Lord said to me, ‘Write my answer plainly on tablets, so that a runner can carry the correct message to others’.” Habakkuk 2:2  — I have always been motivated by this verse as specific mandate for journaling (I think I’ve always focused on the “write” more than the “runner” in this verse). Journaling is a daily discipline in my life. Which is awesome! But, now God is adding fire to the fuel, “Yes, Chilly, keep journaling — write down everything I tell you — and then, RUN to share this news!” This is why I preach from my journal wherever I go!  So, my running shoes communicate to ME that we are in urgent times and I need to stay focused and vigilant!
  2. The other reason I’m wearing running shoes every day is because I can’t RUN with the message IF I CAN’T run!!  In other words, I need to be focused on getting in WAY BETTER SHAPE! I’m embarrassed to admit this but I am determined to change. So, I’m going back to the gym, I’ve joined an adult soccer team, I’m running daily and I’m changing my diet. This is NOT a program — it’s a lifestyle adjustment.

Several years ago, God gave me a simple guide to daily living that I’m now calling “The 3D Life” (formerly, the Real Life Plan) —  and, I’m returning to this lifestyle TODAY. I’ve packed away my dress shoes, loafers and boots: I’m ONLY wearing running shoes (or other athletic shoes) on my feet from this point forward. I may not wear any other shoes until my daughter’s wedding at the end of May.  It’s my way of being accountable to EVERYONE. So, if you’re around me and you see my sneakers, feel free to ask me, “how’s the 3D thing is going!” OR, if you need a kick in your daily disciplines, JOIN ME (no, you don’t have to do the running shoe thing). Just give me a shout out in the comments!

Here’s the 3D details of my plan:    Continue Reading…

I was asked today “what are you giving up for Lent?” I understand what they meant, but must clearly say, I do not give up things for “Lent” – I give up things for God. I want to Know Him and Make Him Known. And, I’m striving to do a few unique things over the next 40 days leading up to Easter, that will allow me to focus on the Lord’s purpose for me and those He’s called me to lead.

Please understand, I’m not calling my decisions a “fast” – this term is interpreted differently by people of faith (some believe it must be only food, others believe it can be TV, social media, etc…) – ultimately, fasting is a personal commitment between you & God. I fast regularly. I need it. It makes me more focused, faithful and fervent. And, I will fast, as directed, throughout this season.

But, in today’s blog, I’m talking about ‘giving up a few things’ during this season that don’t automatically fall into the category of fasting (simply said, I won’t/can’t necessarily pray in their place as you would with fasting). Here’s what I’m changing

  • Chop Sticks – for 40 days I’m going to do my best to NOT use silverware but instead use chop sticks. There are a few reason for this: 1) I want to focus on the large majority of the world who use chop sticks: Asia. I’m praying for missionaries, underground churches and bold believers in this HUGE part of the world. I’m praying for Geoff and Andrea Bassett preparing to go to China.
    2) I also want to THINK about everything I put into my mouth. Chop Sticks will slow down ‘meals’ and cause me to look, consider and decide what I put into God’s Temple and why. Plus it’s hard to eat pizza, open a candy bar or lift a hamburger with two little sticks! 😉
  • Little Blue Birds – I’m limiting my participation in social media to Twitter and Instagram. There’s lots of other forms demanding my time & attention but, for at least 40 days, I won’t be on Facebook, LinkIn, Pinterest, etc. Now, there will be updates from me that show up on these sources via Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr (this blog) but I won’t be on those sites. Please don’t message me there. The reason I’m doing this is to, again, be more deliberate & focused with my time. More REAL LIFE conversations and more READING God’s Word and other books.
  • Running Shoes – yeah, yeah, yeah… I’ve got to get back to running, elliptical and working out on a regular basis. So, for the next 40 days I’m wearing running shoes every day – you can then ask me ‘how’s it going?’ and I’ll be accountable to myself and anyone who looks puzzled at my choice of footwear. Oh boy… 

So, yeah, there’s a look right into my heart. I’m SO imperfect in SO many ways. That’s not a cry for sympathy but a mandate for change. Christ has reminded me that I can & should be better. Improvements in these three little areas (above) will cause dramatic improvements in my personal life and, hopefully, in the ministries that I love & lead.

By the way, there’s some AMAZING THINGS that our church will do in these 40 days. That’s for another blog…

39 days to go, Chilly