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Gold, Frankincense & Me

Chilly —  December 24, 2014 — 1 Comment

In the story of Christmas, we discover a group of men that many refer to simply as “The Wise Men.” Churches for centuries have recognized their visit to see the Christ child and have even set aside a day to remember their pilgrimage.  On January 6th what is known as Epiphany, Theophany or even Three Kings Day, is celebrated throughout the world.

Have you ever asked: what made these guys so wise?

Who were these ‘wise guys’?  Magi?  Three Kings?

wisemenThey were astronomers, scientists, philosophers, wise and learned people from the East. They were seekers of understanding and respecters of mystery. They were ancients looking for understanding in a vast & unknown universe, who noticed a change in the night sky, a star they could not explain, and so followed where it led.

The wise men were people like us: inquisitive individuals, intrigued by new opportunities to learn, eager to experience new things. Yes, people on a journey, a mission, an expedition. Seeking understanding, valuing the very best in science and technology, but wanting to be connected to that which lies beyond what we can explain in human terms, that which transcends our limits.

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