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Don’t Pet the Dragon

Chilly —  February 18, 2016 — Leave a comment

BabyDragonSocial media like owning a pet dragon. At times it’s big & wonderful and then, suddenly, it can burn someone to a crisp! I’ve been toasted like a over-cooked marshmallow and I’m sure I’ve incinerated a few people too. It’s so easy to ‘speak our minds’ boldly and carelessly through a twitter post, facebook update, instagram pic, blog comment or text message. It’s faceless and, far too often, heartless.

It’s so easy to over-react to another person’s words and jump to horrible conclusions! And, before we know it – like flame-thrower – we torch them with judgmental, harsh, third-degree burns! Yeah, they’ll heal but probably not without a scar. They may even get a dragon of their own and return the flames right back at you!

Oh, sure, we can call it a healthy debate or open discussion but it’s usually more about our pride than our purity. There are no winners in faceless rants and one-sided rebukes. In fact, you can be right and still be wrong. The Word of God tells us to speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15). And, Jesus is BOTH truth and love, this means that we should present our words as Jesus would – in complete humility, desiring the very best outcome for all who hear.  Continue Reading…

Tweet Wisdom

Chilly —  March 8, 2013 — 2 Comments

twitter_graffiti_ccFrom time to time, I take an hour or so to mentor & encourage my friends & followers on Twitter. I simply call it “Tweet Coaching” (hashtag #TweetCoach). Today I interacted with some amazing leaders from all across the country including: Texas, Tennessee, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Maine, Vermont and, of course, Michigan! I even heard from a friend in Northern Ireland!

Here’s a recap from today’s session:

Topic: Prayer

  • One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about prayer is I must be tenacious, tireless & unshakable! Read: Luke 18:1-8 – we quit too easily!
  •  If we’re not willing to be surprised in prayer – particularly how God answers prayer – we’re not yet ready to pray. Paul Paino
  • I’m not taking prayer (or God) seriously IF I don’t take a journal into it. I’m there to listen, learn & obey!

Topic: Women in Ministry – how do we proceed?

  • Find a crazy, Godly, woman to serve and learn from at any cost! The BEST resource is a mentor! (Netta Chilton, Jeanne Mayo are a couple that come to mind)

Topic: Overcoming negative feelings & emotions in hard times.

  • I remember the story of Jesus in the boat during storm. May seem like He’s sleeping but he’s IN the boat (your life). He didn’t promise no storms, but He did promised to be there! Keep rowing and fix your eyes on the shore!

Topic: How do I define God’s faithfulness?

  • God’s faithfulness was described best by Him: “I Am”

Topic: Important lessons about leading corporate prayer.

  • In corporate prayer, people are looking for an example not an instructor. They will follow your passion! Lighting candles helps sometimes too!
  • Also in corporate prayer, don’t hide behind worship music, dare to break the silence by crying out to God!

Topic: Casting Vision

  • Vision is tricky – I think God wants to give it to us but we’re too lazy or afraid to let Him show us something BIG.
  • Most people want a vision of the future, but as we know, true prophets also see vision for the NOW.
  • If we are faithful with the little things, God will give you bigger vision later!
  • Discipleship is key — I invite others into my ‘vision chamber’ … vision creates vision.

Topic: What’s meant by term “pastoral care”?

  • I think “Pastor Care” is best described here: Acts 6 — Stephen may have been the best one EVER!
  • We need to release our pastor(s) to study, pray & preach. Don’t expect them to do everything in the church – especially something you could (should) do.

Topic: What relationships are key for mentorship & accountability?

  • I think we need, like Apostle Paul, someone beneath (Timothy), beside (Silas) and above (Barnabas). Accountability & mentorship.
  • The hardest to find, for me, is the Barnabas person above because you have to often teach your mentor how to mentor you. Still pursue it – it’s worth it!
  • I don’t think we should simply follow at a distance – be known. There’s strength in the relationship.

Well, that gives a pretty good overview of our conversation this afternoon. It was a lot of fun and I’m so honored by all the interaction.

Our NEXT session will be Friday, March 22nd, at 1pm (EST). Set your reminder and look for #TweetCoach on Twitter!

Feel free to comment about ANY of the subject matter from today!

I was asked today “what are you giving up for Lent?” I understand what they meant, but must clearly say, I do not give up things for “Lent” – I give up things for God. I want to Know Him and Make Him Known. And, I’m striving to do a few unique things over the next 40 days leading up to Easter, that will allow me to focus on the Lord’s purpose for me and those He’s called me to lead.

Please understand, I’m not calling my decisions a “fast” – this term is interpreted differently by people of faith (some believe it must be only food, others believe it can be TV, social media, etc…) – ultimately, fasting is a personal commitment between you & God. I fast regularly. I need it. It makes me more focused, faithful and fervent. And, I will fast, as directed, throughout this season.

But, in today’s blog, I’m talking about ‘giving up a few things’ during this season that don’t automatically fall into the category of fasting (simply said, I won’t/can’t necessarily pray in their place as you would with fasting). Here’s what I’m changing

  • Chop Sticks – for 40 days I’m going to do my best to NOT use silverware but instead use chop sticks. There are a few reason for this: 1) I want to focus on the large majority of the world who use chop sticks: Asia. I’m praying for missionaries, underground churches and bold believers in this HUGE part of the world. I’m praying for Geoff and Andrea Bassett preparing to go to China.
    2) I also want to THINK about everything I put into my mouth. Chop Sticks will slow down ‘meals’ and cause me to look, consider and decide what I put into God’s Temple and why. Plus it’s hard to eat pizza, open a candy bar or lift a hamburger with two little sticks! 😉
  • Little Blue Birds – I’m limiting my participation in social media to Twitter and Instagram. There’s lots of other forms demanding my time & attention but, for at least 40 days, I won’t be on Facebook, LinkIn, Pinterest, etc. Now, there will be updates from me that show up on these sources via Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr (this blog) but I won’t be on those sites. Please don’t message me there. The reason I’m doing this is to, again, be more deliberate & focused with my time. More REAL LIFE conversations and more READING God’s Word and other books.
  • Running Shoes – yeah, yeah, yeah… I’ve got to get back to running, elliptical and working out on a regular basis. So, for the next 40 days I’m wearing running shoes every day – you can then ask me ‘how’s it going?’ and I’ll be accountable to myself and anyone who looks puzzled at my choice of footwear. Oh boy… 

So, yeah, there’s a look right into my heart. I’m SO imperfect in SO many ways. That’s not a cry for sympathy but a mandate for change. Christ has reminded me that I can & should be better. Improvements in these three little areas (above) will cause dramatic improvements in my personal life and, hopefully, in the ministries that I love & lead.

By the way, there’s some AMAZING THINGS that our church will do in these 40 days. That’s for another blog…

39 days to go, Chilly