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Next Stop … Breathe

Chilly —  August 12, 2014 — 1 Comment

*Journal entry during flight to Siesta Key

I’m 33,000 ft. above the earth on my way to Siesta Key for family vacation… sigh… You don’t realize you need rest until you make it happen (maybe until then, you operate in a focused denial).

almost there

I have so much to be thankful for:

  • ALL of my family is with me and ALL of my kids still love & enjoy being with ‘daddy.’ Rare in our crazy world & dysfunctional culture.
  • My wife (and queen) is still in love with me. Miracle for sure!
  • I’m healthy. I’m eating better (and less) and I run & play soccer almost every day. And for three weeks I’ll also swim/play in the ocean and pool for 4-6 hours per day!
  • My sleep is still not great but, perhaps, this vacation will allow me to adjust this to something sane.
  • My church (Courage) is doing really good! We’ve never been healthier – in all ways! They showed their love to us & for us in such a big, significant & generous way yesterday (pastor appreciation Sunday). Love them!
  • My other church (Mount Hope) also have expressed their love and appreciation. My role there is so unique – I never feel like I’m doing enough. But, GREAT things are happening.

Random: I’m drinking Bloody Mary mix (spicy tomato juice)

This time away – priorities:
1. God – deeper … More listening, More journaling and More vision!
2. Family – attention, fun, individual times with each. LOVE!
3. Health – exercise, eat right & sleep — and relax (breathe, stop over-thinking)
4. Seek Direction: next 25+ years marriage & family // And, next 10+ years ministry
5. Minister to my friend and host here in Florida plus other people we encounter
6. Follow: I lead & make so many decisions — so, here, it’s fun to just tag along.
7. Enjoy lots of seafood!  Fish, lobster, crab, clams, scallops, calamari & more!

We’ll land soon and our adventure will continue. IF you think of us, please pray! We want this time away to be refreshing, defining and encouraging. We’re so thankful for ALL of you! More later…

Time to find my boardshorts and sunscreen!


It's what's for dinner! #Fresh #Seafood


View from our condo after sunset! Amazing! #Vacation

View from our condo after sunset!

Where My Feet Fail (Oceans)

Chilly —  August 3, 2013 — 6 Comments

7 Chilly Feet!By this time tomorrow, I will be walking in the Gulf of Mexico or swimming with my kids in the pool! Yes, it’s that wonderful time for our annual family vacation in Florida! My family is SO READY for some extended time together!

There’s nothing like the Sun, Sand and Surf to recharge our batteries, refocus our vision and reignite our passion! I’m really looking forward to what God will reveal to my heart through walks on the beach at sunset, or reading His Word with the sound of waves crashing or looking at the smiles on my children’s faces!

The ocean reminds me that God is BIG and I am little. That everything created is His!

The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him. 2 For he laid the earth’s foundation on the seas and built it on the ocean depths. Psalm 24:1-2

While I’m away, I’ll probably post lots of pictures (via Instagram) here and I will also, occasionally, post a devotional thought or random quote (via Twitter). I may also add a  video or two here. I will not be on Facebook – it’s too noisy & demanding! In fact, I will  ONLY be using social media – one way (not much, if any, interaction) – kinda sounds rude, I know…

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There’s SO much work to be done in Detroit — I’m excited to work hard, pray hard & love hard to see eternal change come to this great city! But, “not yet…” — it’s time for some restoration and refocusing. Then, it’s ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!

Thanks for praying for me and my family! We love you!

Playing in the SON,