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Chilly —  June 2, 2014 — 4 Comments

On June 2nd, TEN years ago, my wife and I, our three daughters and a handful of brave young adults ALL moved to Detroit. Wide-eyed, passionate, clueless, excited and courageous. We were CALLED and we had OBEYED.

A small back porch at the house we rented became a place where we dreamed, planned, prayed, laughed and studied. While sitting on that porch, I began to write questions in my journal …
Who Are We?” … “Why Do We Exist?” … “What IF?

Here’s what I wrote …


This became and remains our ‘Vision Statement‘ — I needed to read it again today.

Honored to serve the Lord and the people of Detroit,

Note: during these last 10 years, God has also given my family 2 sons and SO MANY spiritual brothers & sisters, sons & daughters and fearless friends! Thank YOU one and all! I love you!

Prayer is not inviting God to show up where you are, it’s joining God where He is. Your personal space doesn’t have enough room for His vision! ~cc

Pray Bigger!

dream it

Chilly —  March 5, 2013 — 8 Comments
There are seasons in my life where an internal-urgency demands me to:  Stop, Drop & DREAM.

dream it

I feel like I’m entering one of those seasons again. And, I’ve learned that when these times come, they’re rarely convenient with my schedule & agenda… they don’t need to be… He’s Lord after all.

When this opportunity comes to me, I must do whatever necessary to clear the clutter between my ears and put myself in a position to hear, learn, remember & obey.  For me, this means grabbin’…

Study Bible – Journal – Pens – Noise Canceling Headphones

Note: the Bible & Journal may be digital — but sometimes it still needs to be “paper” so that I can completely disappear from social media.

During these times of revelation, I like to plant myself at various places in order to hear Him – sometimes I feel led to listen right within the context of my calling (noise isn’t always an issue) – I think spending time (not all but some) in public places is a cool discipline for dreaming. It’s my way of reminding myself that God can & will speak anywhere. It also gives me quicker and practical avenues of application… so I chill at cafes, rooftops, city center and parks.

Other times I need to get far away like a cabin up north, a condo on a beach or a long drive…

It’s not clear what God is saying to me right now… but I know that He is, again, calling me out of ‘the box’ and into the unknown. Change is unavoidable. Right now the pages in my journal look like some strange mathmatical equation – cluttered with random words, various Scriptures, key phrases, unique sketches, and ‘amen-less’ prayers… I’m confident that God, in His perfect timing, will make something clear out of the chaos – and, I’m ready and willing to obey!

And, for those of you that get nervous when I talk about ‘change’ — please relax — I really think the change right now is more IN me than for us. Ultimately, that can still impact others (family, friends, church) too – but, at the moment, He’s working on me.

So, this post is, obvioulsy, to be continued (and eventually completed)… not sure about the when, where, how or why. But I have NO DOUBTS about the WHO and that’s all that matters right now.

Note: my ‘process’ is not a formula. It may be just for me…

God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us” Ephesians 3:20 msg.

  • do you dream deliberately?
  • where do you find it best to hear God speak?
  • what’s your ‘dream process’ like?
  • when was the last time you had a God-size dream? Does it have a deadline?
  • will you challenge yourself to dream in public? I DARE YOU!

They Are Us!

Chilly —  September 10, 2012 — 4 Comments

Over 8 years ago – before we ever opened our first church campus – God stirred our hearts with a dream and a vision of  community of believers that He desired to raise up in Detroit. I still remember grabbing my moleskine journal and quickly scribbling the words that would come to challenge us and guide us in our adventure that ultimately became Courage Church [actual picture from journal below]. Today, as I reflect back on the last 8 years and look ahead to the launch our third campus; the words He spoke back then resonate even louder!

Imagine an eclectic community of servant-hearted people — individuals that have been radically transformed through grace and now live to love God at all costs!

They are passionately motivated to deny themselves and recklessly abandoned to the cause of Christ. His story, and His heart for their city, enthralls them. Prayer is an ongoing conversation that leads to opportunities missed by closed eyes and ritual. Unconditional love and acceptance of others is a hallmark of their mission. They recognize the value of families and revel in the unique blessings of children.

They are fearless pioneers and visionaries without limits. They tackle challenges with rolled up sleeves and unwavering determination. They are groundbreakers, hope dealers, grace givers, and history makers –- young and old. They believe in miracles. They link arms with anyone who tells the story of Jesus! They empower the poor and strengthen the weak; they embrace the outcast, seek the lost, and disciple the found. They serve together, play together, worship together, and live life together. Their city will change because God sent them!

They are us!

And we believe that small things done with great love will change the world.

Friends, we have room for YOU in our church community! You can join us physically by moving here & joining us. You can join us spiritually by committing to pray for us daily. You can join us financially by sowing into our work. You can join us globally by telling our story to others within your circle of influence. We love YOU! We’ve never been about buildings or programs — we’re all about loving God and loving people. We’re here to make disciples and raise a generation in Detroit who serve God courageously!

Honored to be one, of many, joyfully living His mission & purpose,