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Chilly —  January 28, 2016 — 12 Comments

6a00d8341c652b53ef01910481ee2a970c-800wiOk, so I’m really trying to make my blog fun, creative and relevant to you (my friends & readers).  So, I’m going to attempt to make my Thursdays super interactive.  We all need places where we can rant or be totally random!  I’ll host and entertain the chaos each Thursday! Fun, right?!

For “ThrowDown Thursdays” I want to make it wide open to your questions, topics or ideas and then I’ll do my best to respond! This means I need YOUR help!

So, in the comments, ask a question, request a topic or  post something else totally random.

I’ll be checking the comments throughout the day and respond as quickly as possible! Cool??

Ok, now it’s your turn:

  1.  Respond however you like in the comments!
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12 responses to ThrowDown Thursday!

  1. Welcome back! I have so missed your wisdom, concerns, challenges…and your love of God.

    • Thanks Jaynie! I really appreciate your kind words! I want to be a blessing to you (and many more)! Also, we are very close to relaunching the iChilly podcast which will feature 2 messages each week! We’re excited!

  2. This just really hit me today… I’m going to have to vote soon in the primaries and in a presidential election… I’m not going to skip just because I think most of the candidates are greedy, disgusting liars… Even if they call themselves Christians…

    I don’t want to vote for the lesser of two evils, so… How I do I make a wise decision/vote?

    • I wondered IF I would be hit with a political question… YIKES! But, yeah, I hear you and totally understand where you’re coming from. Seems like our nation (even conservatives) are making NOISE that they are sick & tired of “the establishment” and therefore they find themselves aligning with the bold & brash TRUMP whether his claims of faith seem anemic at best. Here’s the sad, crazy, frustrating thing about that kind of reasoning: it’s crept into the church too. We want cool leadership that doesn’t resemble past religious, established, traditional expectations… we want entertainment more than we want transformation. We look at their style and relevance more than their prayer life and family values.

      Anyways, I digress… back to your question!

      Someone said that “God gives us the leader that we deserve” — is this is true, LOOK OUT! We’re in BIG trouble!

      My approach is this: it’s my obligation to vote. period. So, I need to learn what’s going on. My priority, beyond what each candidate says, is to see which has the most values that align with the Word of God.

      My “party” is awaiting me in heaven — so, I’m not aligned with a ‘party’ here on earth (donkey or elephant or cup of tea). I want to see move of God in America again. This could happen with a godly leader who returns to the Bible & prayer. Or it could result in us getting a godless leader who outlaws Christianity (after all, 10,000 people are born again everyday in communist China).

      So, I’m going to study, listen, pray (lots) and when I pull the curtain in my election booth, I’ll vote for the one that I sense the Holy Spirit is leading me to elect.

      Be assured of this fact: it won’t be for anyone who believes murdering unborn children is ok…

  3. YESSSSS! an interactive blog!! lol — Pastor Chilly, I want to start blogging again (its been a long time & nobody ever really read.) but idk what to write about. I get nervous making it so personal if I rant but then again I’m thinking of making an anonymous blog or using a pen-name. Thoughts on that? — oh and I am totally loving the fact that you’re back! love reading about your thoughts, challenges, & adventures.

    • Kali, I love you! You’ve stuck with me (via the internet) for years & years! I think you have lots of value and could be really inspirational through a blog, however, I totally understand your dilemma. I’m not sure — in a world that wants 140 characters or less — that blogging has a future. I’m trying one last time.

      Here’s a thought: every ministry needs people to write content for them. I’m not sure where your plugged in, but I bet they would love someone that ran a ministry blog for them. You could add your thoughts plus get others writing and contributing. We are hoping to add this to our soon to go public website!

      Keep me in the loop! I’ll read your blog!

      • That, right there, is very true! – Thanks for the kick. I’ll have to look into that. Maybe I’ll throw out a suggestion.
        I will definitely keep you in the loop. Probably post a link on Insta (we’ll see!) Thanks for the support!!

        Much love,

        *Oh & the company I work for has their home office in Lansing….If i’m ever offered a chance to get out there i’ll stop by.

  4. I am stoked you are back in communication! I don’t have a big question, only, what are some of your ideas in keeping young adults active in church? I have two, and would you go on a speaking tour with ideas? Someone told me, a lot of pastors would pay a lot of money for that answer.

    • Mollie, you’re so kind & have been an online friend for years & years! Thank you!

      Regarding your question: wow, this is my passion! I have built churches, led churches, traveled around the world and won thousands to Christ through young adults! You’re right, most churches are losing them left & right.

      Here’s the problem: most young adults met Christ or became onfire as teenagers. They led campus ministries, took missions trips, evangelized their schools, served the church and still took classes & ultimately graduated. Churches love “youth groups.” But, then they graduate and churches treat them like lepers. Too young to lead, teach, train, serve and make a difference. TRAGIC!! We give them no reason to stay around. Why aren’t they on our boards, on our stages, in our classrooms and reaching our communities?? They would IF discipled and empowered!

      Jesus entrusted his mom to John (from the cross) when John was approximately 19 and he left the future of the church to a rag-tag group of Holy Spirit filled young adults. AND THEY DID IT!

      We must embrace their value, love them, disciple them, empower them and release them! I would love to travel & share this TRUTH!

      And, this fall, I am starting a brand new discipleship program for post-high school young adults. We’re going to train them, love them and send them all over the world. And, they will get this training and leave debt free!

      we MUST reach and love our young adults or the American church is doomed.

      I’ll do my part to see them THRIVE and the church WAKE UP!

      Bless you Mollie!

      • Thank you so much! I agree wholeheartedly. I think ownership is important. The church I grew up had ‘junior’ deacons, elders. I think more participation in the services and going to the kids directly by leadership. My husband’s great niece remains active. They pay her a token amount to run the sound board. Plus, I think having four generations sit in church every Sunday with Great Grandma’s Sunday dinner after helps. I know my girls won’t turn down going to church when at Grandma’s-(who by the way just broke her hip and is in PIttsburgh Presby, now.)
        I have seen the kids, teens, who weren’t as involved in youth groups, seem to be more active in church as young adults. My other concern from watching my daughters, is this age group sleeps in on a Sunday morning. Maybe a Saturday service or later in the day. But again, segregating and I think that is a deterrent.
        Church is community. And as the old saying goes, “I don’t care what you say, until I know how much you care.” You seem to be one who is getting that right.
        Keep in Christ. I appreciate your ministry and heart.

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