Strength & Honor

chilly at MI convention

Hey, my name is Chilly!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my website and blog.  I’m super honored!

I serve as the Executive Director & Lead Pastor “captain” of //Spyn Student Outreach and //SpynOne Discipleship at Mount Hope Church, Lansing. I’m also the founder and president of Hope Works, Inc — a non-profit charity in Detroit.

Over-the-years, I have answered to many titles including: youth specialist, mentor, church planter, pastor, thrill seeker, captain, disciple maker, speaker, dad, barista, coach, evangelist, and author. But, Chilly is fine!

Simply stated, “I LOVE Jesus, my wife Netta, our 5 amazing kids, all things //Spyn, great coffee, EDM, Nike shoes, anything Apple, sushi, the United Kingdom, my dog, beach vacations, sports, books and YOU!” 

Whether in a ministry setting, on-one-on conversation, or among students, I leap at any opportunity to see lives changed! Friendship-based discipleship is at the core of everything I do.

I have had the honor to spend the last three decades loving, reaching, restoring, and discipling young people. I  speak at conventions, conferences, camps, schools, churches and other events around the world. I love ANY opportunity to impact today’s generation of world changers.

I also love opening my life and journal with a few passionate students or friends over a great cup of coffee.

My mission is simple: “to inspire today’s generation to grasp their destiny and live their lives with reckless abandonment to the purpose of God.“


My prayer is that my life can encourage, equip and empower someone today!

Strength & Honor, Chilly