Disclaimer: I wrote this in my journal late, late last night (around 4am). It’s a glimpse into things I’m thinking and feeling — it is not meant to critique or attack other churches/ministers. Please read through this filter. 

Do you remember when God called you?

  • was it after getting the results of your ACT or SAT exam?
  • did it come in a certified letter?
  • were you walking through a job fair?
  • did it come with a paycheck?

CalledProbably not, right? It was probably more spontaneous, crazy and epic than a human designed promotion. It was supernatural, right? It made you insanely excited and totally overwhelmed all at the same time! You had the thought, ‘there’s no way I can do this’ and yet, you also KNEW, ‘ there’s no way that I CAN’T do this!’

Maybe I’m just weird, but I’m more than a little concerned about what’s happening in what we call ‘Christianity’ – specifically within our leadership. Way too many pastors seem to burned out, depressed, suicidal, wimpy, self-loathing, excuse-making complainers. They’re lonely, hated, misunderstood, tapped-out, and overwhelmed. I hate seeing this! I want to help!!

Yep, I too have been beaten-up (a little bit physically, somewhat spiritually and a lot emotionally). I’ve been robbed, betrayed and played. I’ve been out of money, abandoned, over-worked and super tired. SO WHAT!

It’s not like Jesus and the Bible didn’t warn us. And, it’s not like Jesus and the Bible didn’t tell us what to do when this stuff happened. Jesus said, “Take heart!” not “take cover!”

Being miserable, cynical or sarcastic IS NOT the answer! Neither is quitting.

Turning the body of Christ into God’s robot isn’t the answer, either! Our need to control is making our lives out-of-control and stressed out. 

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Silencing My Ignorance

Chilly —  April 21, 2014 — 2 Comments
EarBudsWe live in such a noisy world.


It’s hard to grasp pure silence anymore.


Yet, don’t we all long for it from time to time? … I know that I do.




Yeah, I’m known as a preacher | teacher | speaker – I do these things a lot. And when I do, I’m loud, loquacious, wordy and verbose. I know, I know, I even annoy myself at times. People say, “he’s a loud guy…” (or big mouth).
- yeah, I can be.

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Jesus Loves Barabbas

Chilly —  April 19, 2014 — Leave a comment

Please take 8 minutes and 26 seconds to view this video. It’s about me… it’s about you… it’s about US! And, ultimately, it’s ALL about Jesus! 

We shared this at our YouCharist event on Good Friday. Many have asked me to post it. It was produced by Grace Family Church and features Pastor Judah Smith. 

Turn up the volume, make it full screen and prepare yourself for impact!

Jesus loves you,

Cross Walk

Chilly —  April 18, 2014 — 2 Comments

This weekend, millions around the world will celebrate Resurrection Sunday and rejoice in the victory of Jesus Christ over sin and death. While current tradition on this day is to spend time with family, take pictures, attend church, and enjoy a wonderful meal, we should insure we understand that Resurrection Day is the foundation of our faith as Christians and an opportunity for all people to experience eternal life found only through a relationship with Christ the Lord. 

CrossWalkDuring this “passion week”, I find it meaningful to think about what the Cross means to me. Far more than a religious symbol hung on the wall of a church or worn on a chain around our neck, the cross means forgiveness, grace, love and life. 

So, today – on Good Friday – allow me to share some thoughts about the Cross by others, past and present. I also want to challenge you to take some time today to have your own “cross walk” by spending some time alone to journey back to the amazing events of passion week to consider their meaning and impact on your life. I challenge you to open yourself to the forgiveness made possible through this incredible act of sacrificial love. And to allow the cross to overcome your unforgiveness, bitterness or indifference. Consider these thoughts…   Continue Reading…

Join Me this June!

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The earlybird registration for this conference ends April 30th – so, register today to receive this discount for your whole staff! Click here: REGISTER US!

In addition to this conference, Mount Hope Church and I will be launching  the ‘Accelerate Network‘ to provide ongoing relational leadership opportunities for pastors across the globe! I would really would LOVE to include you in this new adventure!

IF you have ANY questions OR need any assistance, email me!

It’s time to accelerate!