Living a Riddle.


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Have you ever found yourself absolutely lost right in the middle of God’s perfect will? It’s like you totally know that He has you where He has you for a purpose — there’s obvious signs that there’s destiny in your existence — and yet, there’s so much uncertainty and wonder. It’s not a fear thing, or even a confusion thing; because God’s right there. And yet, you still find yourself holding your breath at times as you stare into space searching for significance and some sort of structure that puts everything into perspective.

LifeIsRiddleYou are confident of God’s calling but you can’t seem to find the job description, title, position or opportunity to do the things that make you come totally alive. You feel like you’re close… really close but, then again, you’re not even sure that you would know it if you ran right into it. Like lava churning in your heart, when you try to explain what’s happening, even to God, it blows like a volcano in all directions, loudly, quickly and recklessly.

So, you press on. Serve. Listen. Wait…

I don’t want those who read this to think I’ve lost my mind, but then again, I certainly don’t want them to think I’ve got it all together either. In the last year I’ve been called ‘pastor’ at two great churches, I’ve also been called: husband, father, son, brother, leader, minister, presbyter, entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, coach, friend, neighbor, director, reverend, staff, evangelist, barista, discipler and captain. That’s a lot of hats to wear! And, I’m still not sure that I’m doing all that I’m supposed to be doing (or not doing). Read more

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Too Tough NOT to Love!

“Love means loving the unlovable – or it has no virtue at all.”
– G.K. Chesterton

broken-heartMinistry Paradox:

We want EVERYONE to love us, but KNOW they won’t… 

In fact, some we love the most will HATE us! 



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I was asked, recently, what was the #1 thing that I’m trying to instill in our teens & young adults at //Spyn Student Outreach. Without hesitation, I said, God’s Word! I’m trying to deliberately pour deep truths into every heart EVERY time we’re together. Then, even IF the teen seems to not be responsive, I’m assured that God’s Word will DO IT’S THING! It keeps working, like water, soaking in & going deeper!

//spyn liveGod’s Word is SO POWERFUL!

Have you ever opened your Bible right in the middle?  Almost every time, it will be some part of  Psalm 119. This amazing chapter (longest in the Bible) has one overwhelming theme: GOD’S WORD!

As the chapter begins, we are greeted by two familiar verses, “How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word… I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you” (v. 9,11).

Here’s a fact: In order to live for God, to serve God, and to know God – I MUST spend time with the Word of God. More and more time. I want to invite you to take a deeper look at this amazing psalm. Here’s some things to assist your study:   Read more

ThrowDown Thursday!

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